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Somehow you've managed to stumble across Perfect Disguise, a dedication to the gaming world's coolest assassin, Shadow from Final Fantasy VI. This shrine was originally owned by Alexandra of, but I adopted it from her in spring of 2009 when she started getting busy with law school and her sites were going offline. This is a great site to an intriguing character, and I wanted to save it from disappearing forever. While I now maintain this site, this is very much Alexandra's shrine; all I've changed is the layout, some wording here and there, and the site pages. I will continue doing basic maintenance to the site, but for the most part it will remain static. This is Alex's site and I don't feel right changing the main content. (Besides, I have my own site to discuss Final Fantasy VI.) I hope you enjoy the shrine! It remains a great dedication, and a useful resource for Shadow and Final Fantasy VI.

Brushes and textures used in the layout are from Hybrid-Genesis and 77words. Navigation is above.

- Todd

Last updated January 24, 2015
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