Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is one of my favorite video game series. With some of the best stories and best characters I have encountered, I'm left thinking about the games long after I finish them. These sites are a result.


Tidus from Final Fantasy X

If there is one site that represents who I am as a writer and webmaster, I would hope my Tidus shrine is it. It's my flagship shrine, the fan site I am most known for, and my most active fan site. It's not perfect, but it is unmistakably me, and it is a lot of fun to work on, even seven years later. Poltergeist is different from any site I have created so far because I found myself truly identifying with the character; I was able to empathize with a lot of key details in Tidus' past, and because of that, this is my most personal shrine.

Final Fantasy X stands as one of my favorite games, and Tidus is my favorite character not only from that game, but from any media or book. He's funny, he has flaws and insecurities, and he is the biggest part of one of the coolest stories I've encountered. Poltergeist explores those aspects of him, and by relating to him, I hopefully covered his story in a unique and interesting way.

Somewhere Only We Know
Sabin Figaro from Final Fantasy VI

Once called Wanderer, my site to Sabin Figaro from Final Fantasy VI is my oldest active site. Remade in February of 2010, it's more in-depth and hopefully more informative than it used to be, but the site's focus is the same it was when I first made it in 2007; Sabin is a character often disliked or overlooked in Final Fantasy VI, and I aspire to show others why he's my favorite character, and why he should be appreciated. He can be one of the strongest characters in the game, and he's interesting. In addition to a variety of informative, analytical, and opinionated pieces, this site has a decent-sized media section.

Edward Chris von Muir from Final Fantasy IV

Yes, I shrined the Spoony Bard. Edward is universally hated across the Final Fantasy community, but for some reason I like him. I consider this text-based tribute to him a defense. He's weak, he's cowardly, and he just generally sucks when he first appears in the game, but he wants to be stronger and braver, and that makes him fascinating. I focused on his journey when writing the articles for this site. Edward is not a natural hero, but he becomes one. Anna would be proud. Sidenote: I may have focused a little too much on death, but this is Final Fantasy IV, so I think I'm okay. I don't expect you to like Edward after visiting this site, but I hope you'll understand why I do.


Perfect Disguise
Shadow from Final Fantasy VI

A dedication to the gaming world's coolest assassin, Shadow from Final Fantasy VI, this shrine was originally owned by Alexandra of I adopted it from her in spring of 2009 when she started getting busy with law school and her sites were going offline. This is a great site to an intriguing character, and I wanted to save it from disappearing forever. While I now maintain this site, this is very much Alexandra's shrine; all I've changed is the layout, some wording here and there, and the site pages. Perfect Disguise remains one of my favorite FFVI sites online.

Cyan Garamonde from Final Fantasy VI

When Karen of decided to give up shrining, she asked me to take her shrine to Cyan from Final Fantasy VI. I happily obliged, not only because Karen is a good friend, and not just because I love her Cyan shrine, but because Stalwart inspired me so much when I first started making shrines, and continues to inspire me today. This site going offline would be a true travesty. It's a perfect mix of analysis and fan insight, and is just a great read all around. While I'm sad to see Karen's domain go, I'm happy to give my favorite shrine from her a home.