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Welcome! You've stumbled upon This Fateful Hour, a humble tribute to Magus from Square's classic RPG, Chrono Trigger. While it's hard for me to pick a favorite character in such an epic game, Magus is definitely near the top of my list. He's one of the more versatile characters in-game, his story is one of the more in-depth, and because he's so reclusive, it was interesting trying to figure him out. I also can't fail to mention that he looks so darn cool.

In the sections below, I tried to really explore Magus' character. I tried to stay as factual as I could, so spoilers are everywhere. The 10 or 15% that is strictly my perception is marked as such, but even that is drawn from facts from the game. Read with caution if you haven't played yet, or consider playing the game and then coming back. What are you waiting for? It's awesome!

I should also mention that this site is based heavily off of the DS version of the game. The differences are minor, but they are there. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay!


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Game and Character

Considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time, Chrono Trigger is an RPG released by Square in 1995 for the SNES, and re-released in 2008 for the Nintendo DS. It uses a turn-based fighting style, with an optional "Active Time Battle" system, allowing characters to be attacked while players choose commands. Throughout the game, players can recruit up to seven playable characters, each with their own stories and fighting styles. One of my favorite things about Chrono Trigger is that decisions you make throughout the game affect how the game will play out, and ultimately how the game will end. The game has 13 possible endings, and tons to do, creating hours and hours of fun.

Chrono Trigger begins with a character named Crono enjoying the Millennial Fair. He agrees to test out his best friend Lucca's newest invention when things suddenly go wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it), and Crono acquires the ability to travel through time. He learns about an entity called Lavos that eventually destroys the world, and he travels back and forth through time to change history. Along the way he meets Magus, a vindictive character set out to avenge his sister.


Name: Janus Zeal; Magus
Time Period: Born in 12,000 B.C.; Raised in 600 A.D.
Birth Place: Zeal
Age: Around 10 as Janus, Unknown as Magus
Weapon: Scythe
Type of Magic: Shadow

Magus was born some time in Antiquity (12,000 B.C.) as Janus, the Prince of the magical kingdom, Zeal. After his mother goes insane, consumed by the power of Lavos, he is transported to 600 A.D., where he is raised to be the Fiendlord, and rages war against the Kingdom of Guardia.

Magus is the first main antagonist in Chrono Trigger. Events are revealed, however, that can lead Magus to fight on the side of Crono as a playable protagonist.

Magus Through Time

In his life, Magus is forced through time. He was born in Antiquity (12,000 B.C.), transported to the Middle Ages where he was raised (c. 600 A.D.), and then transported back to Antiquity as an adult. Magus has a different persona each time he moves through time. It's important to look at all of them to understand his character and his motivations.

Fiendlord Magus

As I said above, Magus is the first main antagonist in Chrono Trigger. The reason for this is that the party fights on the side of Guardia, a Kingdom in war with the Fiends, led by Magus. Crono and company believed that Magus created Lavos to use against Guardia. How wrong they were.

The game never states why Magus and the fiends, "the Mystics", were fighting against Guardia. I think a lot of it was because of Ozzie, the fiend that raised Magus. Ozzie found Magus when Magus first appeared in the Middle Ages as a child. Magus defended himself against the fiends with magic, and I think that impressed Ozzie. He probably saw potential in Magus, and had selfish goals in mind. Whatever the reason, Magus was raised to become Fiendlord, and likely got his name as such. Magus means "demon king".

Magus became a powerful mage and led the Mystics against Guardia. During that time, he was vindictive and cruel. He killed Cyrus, a Knight for Guardia, and turned Cryus' squire, Glenn, into an anthropomorphic frog. Glenn, later called Frog, swore revenge against Magus. He joins Crono and helps take down Magus at Magus' Keep.

After defeating Magus, the party comes to find out that Magus didn't create Lavos after all. Magus was merely trying to summon him. Ozzie and the other fiends, like Crono and the party, think Magus was trying to summon Lavos to win the war against Guardia. What they didn't realize is that Magus used everyone to gain power so that he could defeat Lavos. In another time period, something happened when he was younger that left Magus wanting to kill Lavos. He dedicated his life to the cause, and everything he did and everyone he used in the Middle Ages was for that moment of revenge.

Unfortunately, Magus' magic wasn't strong enough to kill Lavos when he woke. Lavos' early wakening causes a time portal to open up, sending Magus, his Keep, and the party to other time periods.

Prince Janus

Prince Janus Zeal, of the Kingdom of Zeal, was the cold, distant little boy that would eventually become Magus. He was born some time around 12,000 B.C., to a magical family. Like his sister and mother, Janus had the ability to perform magic, although it's not clear how strong his powers were. I tend to think they were just developing, as his mother had no knowledge of them. Actually, I think his sister, Schala, is the only one who knew of his abilities. She did her best to comfort him and protect him from the world.

Janus and his sister were almost complete opposites. Schala was warm and caring, while Janus was cold and somewhat cruel. The Earthbound ones said Schala treated them like equals, even though she was of noble blood. Janus seemed to be disgusted by them.

What a filthy hovel.

Janus deeply cared for his sister, though. Schala, and Janus' cat, Alfador, were his only friends, and the only ones he cared for. His father had died, and his mother, Queen Zeal, was power hungry and mad. She showed no interest in Janus, and I think that's part of why Janus was so cold. Her eyes set on immortality, Queen Zeal used Janus' sister to help wake up Lavos. Janus did what he could to protect Schala. Although he never says in the game, I get the feeling Janus wanted Schala to run away with him to keep her safe. He tells Schala that Queen Zeal is no longer their mother, and wants Schala to stop obeying her. Schala remains torn.

In an effort to help his sister, Janus puts himself in the way of Lavos, calling out Schala's name. Lavos shoots a time portal at him, transporting him to the Middle Ages. Schala remains in Zeal as the Kingdom falls apart.

Not knowing what has become of Schala, Janus sets out to avenge his sister in the Middle Ages. This is the point of time Ozzie came upon him.

False Prophet

When Lavos transports the party to different periods of time, Crono and the party are transported to Prehistory (65,000,000 B.C.), and Magus is transported back to Antiquity. Having lived in the Middle Ages after Antiquity, as well as having lived through some of Antiquity himself already, Magus knew of events that would transpire. He uses his knowledge of history to trick his mother, the Queen, into believing he is a prophet, and moves himself into position as her adviser. Magus knew his mother would succeed in summoning Lavos, and he wanted to be there to have another stab at defeating him.

As far as I know and understand, Magus had no actual visions as a prophet. What's interesting, though, is when Crono and party eventually get to Antiquity, they come upon Janus who tells them that one of them will shortly perish, and Crono soon does. Perhaps Janus only had visions as a child.

When Magus realizes Crono and his party were in Antiquity, he forces Schala to seal the time gate after making them leave. I don't believe he saw Crono as an ally at that time. Crono was a distraction when Magus summoned Lavos in the Middle Ages. I believe he wanted to make sure Crono wouldn't interfere again, as he thought he could take on Lavos himself. Magus was very wrong.

He watched events go by like he knew they would. Lavos was summoned by the Mammon Machine with Schala's help. When Lavos finally appeared, Magus threw off his cape, and attempted to take on Lavos. He simply wasn't strong enough to defeat him, though. Luckily for Magus, Crono had found his way back in Antiquity, and was there to help. Crono was killed by Lavos, buying Magus and the party time to escape. Schala transported them out of Zeal with the last of her strength, remaining behind herself to perish with Zeal.

Having no other options, but refusing to admit defeat, Magus hesitantly joins the party after the fall of Zeal. He's short-tongued, standoffish, and doesn't get along with anyone, but he helps them undo Crono's death. Afterward, he helps the party defeat Lavos.

Unfortunately, Schala wasn't able to be saved. Magus devotes the rest of his life to saving her.


Here are the people, cat, and frog with which Magus interacts. Throughout the game, Magus uses people to get what he wants. It's interesting to see what each relationship gave him, and who he is himself around.


If one is to understand Magus' character, I think they really have to examine his relationship with his sister, Schala. Schala is essentially his motivation behind everything he does after being transported to the Middle Ages as a kid.

Janus was very close with his sister. Aside from his cat Alfador, Schala was the only one with whom he confided. He expressed his feelings regarding his mother to Schala, and he told her about feeling the Black Wind, a true sign of his magical ability.

I think she knew of his ability, and chose to keep it to herself. Schala was being misused by her mother because of her own magical ability, and I believe she wanted to keep Janus safe from that. It's obvious that Schala looked out for Janus. When he mentioned the black winds, she told him it would be okay. She gave him an amulet, claiming it'd protect him when she couldn't.

I wish I could be with you always... But mother has other plans.

Queen Zeal forces Schala to control the Mammon Machine and wake up Lavos, bringing down the Kingdom of Zeal. In the midst of it all, Janus arrives, concerned for his sister, and is transported to the Middle Ages. As the kingdom is falling,Schala uses the last of her power to send (Prophet!) Magus and the party to safety. She stays behind and is presumably destroyed with Zeal.

Janus had no idea what had become of his sister, and I'm sure it bothered him his entire life. He vowed revenge on Lavos, and set out to avenge Schala. Gaining power as Fiendlord, attempting to wake up Lavos, and posing as a prophet in Zeal were all for his sister.

Queen Zeal

Queen Zeal is Janus' mother. While it's likely they once loved each other, Queen Zeal and Janus have anything but a healthy mother-son relationship in the game. I say they probably once loved each other only because Janus comments to Schala on how the Queen Zeal we see in the game is not his mother. Otherwise, there'd be no way to tell a relationship even existed between the two. Janus is largely ignored by Queen Zeal, in favor of his sister, Schala. I think she ignored him because she didn't know of Janus' abilities. She needed Schala for the Mammon Machine. Janus was of no use to her.

She's NOT our mother. She looks like a mother, but inside she has changed.

I think being ignored helped Janus in the long run. Queen Zeal was driven mad by the pursuit of power. Her ambitions took precedence to any love she could have felt for her children, and was willing to use them and sacrifice them to suit her own needs. She wasn't affected by Schala's obvious pain, and she showed no emotion at all when Janus was sucked into a time vortex and sent to the Middle Ages.

Schala and Janus both recognized madness in their mother, but only Janus was able to cast his feelings for her aside. I think Schala remained torn because she still loved her mother and believed she could change her. I think Janus just stopped loving her.

Love her or not, I think much of Queen Zeal is evident in Magus. From his tendency to use people to get what he wants, no matter how noble his goal, and his cold personality, Magus is a lot like Queen Zeal. It's likely her selfishness and cruelty helped shape him into the person he became.

I don't think Magus feels anything but hate for his mother toward the end of the game. Before he helps defeat her, he calls her an idiot.

Idiots... Nothing can live forever. Zeal... A pitiful woman, duped by Lavos! I, myself, will bring an end to all of this!

She calls Magus, "Prophet," never realizing that he is her son. I don't think she would have had feelings for him even if she could recognize him.


Alfador is Janus' cat. They are seen together when the party first enters Enhasa in the Antiquity era. When you approach Alfador and try to get a reaction from him, Janus says not to bother, because Alfador only likes him. It's funny how true that is. When you are able to recruit Magus into your party, if you go to the Last Village Commons without him, you will see Alfador wandering around. He pays no attention to the party. Once you pick up Magus and go back, though, Alfador will follow the party around. Alfador recognizes Magus as Janus.

In one of the game's endings, this is true as well. Magus, as the fake prophet, is followed by Alfador. His cat is the only one of his family to recognize him.

I think it's interesting that Janus had a pet. Except to his sister, Janus is very bitter and distant. It's obvious Alfador was important to Janus, though, because of how attached Janus allowed Alfador to become. Poor kitty.


Frog and Magus have a lot of history. Magus led the Fiends against Guardia, which Frog fought for. He killed Frog's mentor, Cyrus (although in all fairness, Cyrus was trying to kill Magus), and after Ozzie told Magus Frog looked like a toad, Magus turned him into a frog. (Frog was called Glenn before.) To say Magus is Frog's enemy would be an understatement.

Like Magus has sworn his life to avenge his sister and kill Lavos, Frog has sworn his to avenge Cyrus and kill Magus. Given the opportunity, however, Frog spares Magus' life. Although the two will never exactly be friends, and they have short tongues around each other, they fight together against a mutual evil, Lavos. Frog even works to protect Magus, stating Magus is his to kill.

When looking at Frog and Magus' relationship, the hate is very one-sided to me. I believe that Frog has valid reasons to hate Magus and want him dead, but I don't think Magus hates Frog. If Frog didn't keep trying to kill him, I bet Magus would have left Frog alone altogether. Magus' focus was Lavos.

Looking at their interaction, it's like Magus picks on Frog rather than takes him seriously.

I... it's that stupid frog! Kissed any princesses lately?!

It's why I think he turned Frog into a frog rather than killing him. It's why I think he spent no time actually pursuing Frog. While Magus is Frog's main enemy, I think Frog is nothing more than a distraction to Magus. He's just something for Magus plays with.

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea were Magus' closest allies in the Middle Ages. They were his generals, and did his bidding. The three looked up to Magus as a friend and mentor. They put their necks on the line for Magus, and made Crono and the party battle each of them before moving on to Magus at Fiendlord's Keep. Ozzie, in particular, was very close to Magus. He raised Magus, and helped him become the powerful mage he became.

In their side quest, after Magus joined Crono's party to defeat Lavos, Magus' three generals express their disapproval of his actions. They felt lied to, and betrayed, and with good right. Magus completely used them to help him achieve his goal of defeating Lavos. When he realized that he would get closer to defeating Lavos with Crono, he jumped ship. Magus only thought about defeating Lavos and avenging his sister.

To get the full story of the side quest, Magus should be in your party. I would even go as far to say that it's canon he's in your party. He helps kill Ozzie, Slash, and Flea. After realizing he was used by Magus, right before he dies, Ozzie says the past is a dream.


Magus is the strongest and the most versatile character in the game. Here, I've discussed how to beat him and use him in-game so that you can get the most out of him. I've also touched on his side quest, Ozzie's Fort.

Boss Fight #1

The first time you fight Magus is at the end of Magus' Keep. You fight his generals, Slash, Flea, and Ozzie, first. Comparatively, Magus is the hardest. I found him the most fun, though.

For the first half of the battle, Magus has a barrier up that allows only one type of magic through. Magus changes the barrier and counterattacks each time he is attacked. This makes things interesting, as Crono has Lightning attacks, Frog has water, and the third character you choose will have fire, shadow, or (another) water. No matter who you have in your party, Magus can bring up at least one magic barrier that none of your characters can attack. If you have Marle in your party, there will be two elements your party will be lacking since you have to have Frog, who is water-elemental too. For this reason, I would choose either Lucca or Robo for this battle. I went with Robo, because he also has Heal Beam, which can heal the entire party. Basically, you should just attack with the strongest tech of whichever element is allowed through at a given time, heal with Frog and/or Robo every other round, and have your third character use ethers to keep your party's MP high. About every other round or so, you'll want to attack with Frog's Masamune, as well, because it lowers Magus' magic defense and causes your party's magic to hit harter. Other than that, rinse and repeat.

The second half of the battle is less complicated, but much harder, because his attacks are stronger. You'll get a notice that Magus is casting a spell. The spell he's casting is Dark Matter, which is an extremely powerful tech that can really hurt your entire party. We're talking over 200 HP in damage per party member. The good news is that you have warning that he's casting it, and it takes a bit of time for him to cast it, so you have plenty of time to heal your party and make sure they can take the hit. In addition to healing, I would start attacking Magus with the strongest techs you have while he's casting the spell. Keep healing between Dark Matters, and eventually he will fall.

Boss Fight #2

After the fall of Zeal, you get the opportunity to fight Magus again. He's north of the Surviving Village at North Cape. Before I discuss how to beat him, I just want to say that it's canon that the party spares him. If you choose to fight him, you will kill him and he will not be in the rest of the game. If you choose not to fight him, he will join your party. Obviously you should not fight him.

Should you choose to fight Magus, he will be a lot easier than he was during your first battle with him, because he won't have magical barriers up. The fight will go one of two ways. If you have Frog in your party, Frog will tell the two others he's with to back off, and you will fight Magus with Frog alone. If you don't have Frog with you, you will fight Magus with three party members. Either way isn't bad.

Frog is versatile in that he has strong attacking and healing techs. Attack with his strong techs, and heal when his HP gets low.

If you're fighting with three other party members, go into the fight with the same strategy in mind. Attack with strong techs, and heal your party with Healing Techs when HP gets low. Robo or Marle make the best healers, as they have techs that can heal the entire party at once. Ayla and Lucca should be your other two party members. Attack, heal, rinse, repeat, and you'll be fine.

I hope watching Magus die is worth it. :P

Using Magus

With a very decent physical attack, and techs like Lightning 2, Dark Matter, and Magic Wall, Magus is a very strong character without you having to do anything.

Single Tech
Lightning 2
Ice 2
Fire 2
Dark Bomb
Magic Wall
Dark Mist
Black Hole
Dark Matter
What It Does
Lightning attack on all enemies
All enemies hit with huge chunks of ice
Fiery explosions on all enemies
Shadow damage on enemies within range of explosion
Increases one party member's magic defense
High damage to all enemies
(Possible) instant death to an enemy
Extreme shadow damage to all enemies

Because of his personality traits, it makes sense that he's strong alone, but his strength and awesome single techs come with a drawback: Magus can't perform duo techs, and he only has two triple techs, both of which have to be unlocked by using stones. They are only worth getting if you've spent some time on the characters his triple techs are with, and actually use those characters. In my case, I don't use Lucca or Marle much after the beginning of the game, so the techs aren't worth my while. Still, I'll cover how to get them.

Dark Eternal requires Marle and Lucca, and needs one of them or Magus to have the Black Rock equipped. The Black Rock can be attained in Kajar, by opening the elemental books. If you open the water book, followed by the wind book, and then the fire book, a secret chamber will open up with the Black Rock. Dark Eternal is basically a huge bomb that does extremely high damage. Its drawback is that it takes a whopping 20 MP from Magus.

Omega Flare needs Lucca, Robo, and the Blue Rock. To attain the Blue Rock, you have to find a cave in 600 A.D. after you've acquired the Epoch. It's on an island northwest of Medina Village. Simply enter the cave, fight your way through it, and open the single treasure chest containing the Blue Rock. Equip it to Lucca, Robo, or Magus. If you've spent time on those characters and have the techs required, you should have Omega Flare! Omega Flare is essentially the ultimate laser. The high amount of MP comes from Lucca this time; Magus only uses 8 MP for this tech.

The cool thing about Magus is that his wide range of techs make him incredibly versatile. You can use him in a variety of ways. The trick to using Magus, really, is just learning what his techs do, and knowing when to use them. Some enemies and bosses have parts of them that should not be attacked unless you want them to counterattack. With enemies like that, you'll want to use Dark Bomb if you can keep only the focused part in view, or just physically attack with his scythe. Most of his techs are meant for attacking many enemies at once. You just need to make sure that doesn't have repercussions before you do it. Magical Wall is a great defensive tech to use when facing extremely magical foes like Diva Flea. Utilize it. Black Hole can cause immediate death to an enemy, but it doesn't always work. I tend to avoid it in fear of missing a turn.

As for equipment? You acquire Magus late enough in the game where you should be able to almost immediately go get his Ultimate Equipment. Visit Ozzie's Fort described below to get the Doom Sickle, Gloom Cape, and Gloom Helm. Only that equipment should be used for him for the rest of the game.

Side Quest

Once you revive Crono, many side quests become available for you to do before beating the game. I highly recommend doing them, as they will help you level and prepare to battle Lavos. Many of the best items and equipment are attained through side quests. What's more, since Magus isn't available as a playable character until near the end of the game, sidequests are the little you get to use him. Enjoy him, and get the extra equipment and XP!

Each sidequest is associated with a character. Magus' side quest is Ozzie's Fort.

Cretins! And they're still alive? By the way, Ozzie had a hideout much like my castle...

Ozzie's Fort is pretty straight forward. You walk through a fort much like Magus' Fiendlord Keep, chasing Ozzie. He greets you when you first walk in, and if you have Magus with you (you should for the story), he expresses his disdain for Magus working with Crono and friends. Words are had. Fiends are unleashed. Battles are fought.

Walk straight through the entire fort, collecting goodies along the way. Beware of the tresure chest in Ozzie's trap, though. Along the way, you'll fight Magus' generals, Ozzie, Flea, and Slash separately, and one final time all together. His generals together could especially suck, because they use triple techs during the fight. I struggled when I fought Slash and Flea at Magus' Keep, but for some reason, I found them extremely easy at Ozzie's Fort, even when they were fighting together. Maybe it's because I had better techs, had better equipment, or was higher leveled; who knows? I could definitely see them being an annoyance if you're not prepared, though.

I had my party around Level 39 when I conquered Ozzie's Fort, and I used Crono, Magus, and Robo. Here are my recommendations for getting through this side quest smoothly:

  1. Bring along a strong attacker, and someone who can heal the entire party at once. Ayla or Chrono will do fine for attacking. Frog, Marle, or Robo work well for healing. For healing, I personally went with Robo. His Heal Beam is awesome, and he has strong attacks I used when my party didn't need healing.
  2. In the separate battles with Flea and Slash, have two characters attack with strong, single attacks, and one character heal or use ethers every turn. Doing this, these battles should go by quickly with no stress.
  3. In the battle where you have to fight all three of Magus' generals, focus all of your attacks on Flea first. Flea's attacks hurt the most. I killed Flea, then Slash, then Ozzie.
  4. Single battles with Ozzie should never be taken seriously. Hit the objects behind him to see what will happen. Whatever you do, don't attack him once he has his shield up.

Don't forget to rob the place on your way out if you haven't gotten everything. In the room with Ozzie's trap is a passage to a secret room. In it you will find a Doom Scythe, a Gloom Helm, and a Gloom Cape, awesome equipment for Magus.

End of Time

This Fateful Hour was made in roughly a month. I began it in July of 2011 for Amassment's One Page, One Month marathon, and debuted it on August 1st, 2011. I had been wanting to make a Chrono Trigger site for a while, and I thought that the one page shrine format would fit a Chrono Trigger character perfectly. Of course, at the time, I didn't realize I was going to write this much, haha. Oh well; I think I made it work.

The layout was made with Adobe Photoshop CS5, and coded in Notepad. Resources used are from The Monkey Box, The Peril, and Shizoo. Since time is an important element in Chrono Trigger, I wanted to create a very timely feel. I aimed for the Middle Ages, since Magus spends most of his life there, and used very dated-looking textures and colors. The font used in the header, Olde English, fit my time and Middle Ages theme well. I downloaded it from Da Font.


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