I'll show you courage!

Welcome! Requiem is a fansite and fanlisting dedicated to Edward Chris von Muir, the original Spoony Bard from Final Fantasy IV. Most fans write Edward off as weak and useless, and he's universally made fun of and hated across the Final Fantasy community. I'm in the minority that thinks he's awesome, though, and I created this tribute to not only glorify him, but to argue his case. You see, true strength comes from the inside, and well, you should just read my site.

Navigate the site by clicking the links to the left. Please watch your step if you haven't played the game. While I tried very hard to make the Game, Character, and In-Game pages accessible to new fans, I talk about the events of Final Fantasy IV freely throughout the rest of the site, and you will be spoiled if you haven't played the game. Final Fantasy IV is amazing; if you haven't played it yet, get on it!

I hope you enjoy my site!


July 06, 2015 - New layout! As of yesterday, Requiem is three years old. It deserves a new look. I hope you guys enjoy it! More updates are coming soon.

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