Human is the approved fanlisting for James Logan Howlett, Wolverine, listed under Characters in the Comics category, under X-Men in the Characters: Book/Movie category, and under Characters in the Animation category of The Fanlistings Network. It was adopted to me from the lovely Nekoi. <3 Running a Wolverine fan site has been somewhat of a dream of mine for a long time, and I am super excited and honored to run the character fanlisting!

The fanlisting is currently up, but Human will eventually double as a fan site to Logan. I love X-Men and Wolverine so much, and I have a lot to say about his character. More is definitely coming; keep your eyes peeled.

I want to discuss the name of this site, because I know some of your are probably wondering what kind of drugs I'm smoking. I understand Wolverine is a mutant, and an animalistic one at that. Those are just shallow labels, though. With the title, I'm using a much deeper interpretation of the word human - the qualities of Logan he refuses to give up, no matter how much people try to change him physically, mentally, and emotionally. Despite having his skeleton replaced, becoming feral-like, and basically being turned into a living, fighting weapon, Logan has retained his humanity, his conscious, his ability to care and love... Those very basic human qualities are the core of his character, and represent his strength in a bigger way than his metal claws ever could.

Now, the layout. This layout turned out nothing like I planned, but I'm rather fond of it. It uses promotional images from The Wolverine, and textures from Crazy Kira. The layout was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and was hand-coded by me in Notepad.


I'm currently looking for related affiliates. If you have a fanlisting dedicated to anything in the Marvel Universe, or anything relating to the X-Men films, feel free to hit me up for affiliation!