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Welcome to Sleepwalk, a text-heavy tribute to the protagonist in Konami's breathtaking game for the Play Station 2 and Nintendo Wii consoles, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Cheryl Heather Mason, the daughter of the unpopular fiction writer, Harry, and who returns to the abandoned town of Silent Hill in an endless search for herself. I have the feeling that Cheryl, in this reimagination of the original Silent Hill game, is often overshadowed by the player character, who actually happens to be her father, Harry Mason. That upsets me, since Harry is never as interesting and deep as Cheryl -- he remains the silly old man that walks all around the deserted town with the same question in his mind, while Cheryl has developed into a character with a personality and background so strong that it becomes difficult to relate her to her former disposeable and simple self as the cute seven-year old missing girl.

This site's intention is to bring the attention of players to the complexity and humanity of Cheryl in this game -- is trying to understand Cheryl and to learn with her. Also, be aware that there are countless and unmarked spoilers crawling all through this website. If you don't want to spoil your game, don't go any further than this page.

Sleepwalk currently features it's second version, with new layout, re-written text and reviewed content. You can navigate through the site by clicking on the links to the top of the page. Notice that the essays are sorted into three major sections organized in rows: Child, Teenager and Adult, the logic sequence in every living being's life, and smaller sections marked by the last two rows of the table. Also notice that this site's content revolves, though not exclusively, mostly around Shattered Memories, meaning that the Cheryl from the original Silent Hill game, even if sporadically referenced to, is not my focus. With no further ado, I hope you enjoy the site!

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