The history and design of

Before finally being released online on January 2016, lived under the name of Unpleasantly Nice, a badly named website collective that was online around 2010-2011, and housed a few sites that made me quite proud for quite some time! I might eventually re-release those sites at some point since they are, unfortunately, not up to my current webdesign standards. Not that I have really high standards or anything; I barely have any standards. But, looking back, most of them were just plain terrible and I don't know what was going through my mind. Either way, if you were around Amassment when fan shrines were a big thing, you might have come across a few of my sites. Certain circumstances forced the site to go offline. However, Storyteller now lives thanks to Todd! I look forward to gradually filling this collective with new websites.

Maybe it's about time I introduced myself. I am Lucas, a 21 years-old International Relations undergraduate with a borderline masochistic desire to learn new things — such as coding websites, but you might have guessed that! I'm also very interested in learning other languages and about different cultures, taking more free online courses than I can fit on my schedule and spending too much time with video games, anime and TV shows. I suppose I've started dabbling in webdesign when I was around 11 years-old, and my curiosity in learning how computers think has only grown as time passed — but even if that seems like a lot of time practising coding, I still consider myself a beginner. After all, there's still a lot I need to learn, and the fact that the web is dynamic and constantly changing only adds to the challenge. This is, however, only a hobby of mine, although I don't see why I couldn't abuse this skill professionally too, if the opportunity ever came up. Who knows? All I know is that it's no secret that the internet is an amazing interactive tool and vehicle of information, and, with this website, I intend to exploit those attributes precisely. The websites you may find here will portray my own opinion about their subject matter, perhaps going a step further than simply offering explanations and descriptions in order to explore thoughtful theories instead. I mean, nowadays, pretty much any video game or TV show has a wiki page that their audience can refer to for precise, untouched and factual information, right? I hope you will enjoy going through my personal thoughts, then! On the topics that might eventually be covered here, I would include several JRPGs — most prominently the Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei franchises, as I'm a huge fan of both —, a few Survival Horror titles, and a handful of anime about magical girls.

If you'd like to learn a little more about me, feel free to visit my Backloggery page and My Anime List!

Lastly, about the site's design: the current layout features offical artwork of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, a strategic role-playing game released in 2011 for the PSP. Honestly, I'm very interested in the Ogre Battle franchise, but the only game I've actually invested any time into is Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis (GBA), and I didn't even invest that much time into that one. The truth is, I'm pretty terrible at SRPGs! That doesn't stop me from being a huge fan of the genre: I've played several Fire Emblem titles, as well as games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I only recently picked up Let Us Cling Together, but I immediately fell in love with its setting — although I don't really expect to finish it any time soon. Either way, the game ended up being the theme for this website, and I'm very glad for that. The site was coded in Notepad++ and features images from Creative Uncut and The Spriters Resource.