Drew Barrymore

I started loving Drew Barrymore in my seventh grade year, somewhere around her Never Been Kissed, Ever After, and The Wedding Singer days. In 2010, I bought a domain with aspirations to make a fansite to my favorite actress with no idea what I wanted to do. These character tributes just kind of happened; I can't help myself.

Breathe Drew - Actress, Drew Barrymore

Breathe Drew

Actress, Drew Barrymore

I have wanted to make a Drew Barrymore site since I first started making sites in 2000. Now that I've finally made it, it's nothing like I imagined it'd be ten years ago. In fact, it's atypical of celebrity sites in general, but I'm enjoying it. I love everything Drew Barrymore is in. I think she brings so much to each character she takes on. It's no secret that I love analyzing characters, so it should be no surprise that that's one of the main focuses of this site. While you can learn about Drew Barrymore's past and present endeavors, it's her films and characters I mainly discuss on this personal tribute to my favorite actress. In the near future, I'd like to cover her books.

Wings - Danielle de Barbarac from Ever After


Danielle de Barbarac from Ever After

Danielle de Barbarac from Ever After is one of my favorite characters from any film ever, not just because she is portrayed by my favorite actress. What I admire most about Danielle is her strength. She has gone through so much, has lost so much, and has so many obstacles holding her down, yet she still finds a way to rise and enjoy life for what it brings. Instead of waiting on a Prince to rescue her like other Cinderellas, Danielle takes control of her own life, intent to be happy. We could all stand to learn something about life from Danielle. With Wings, I attempted to analyze and understand the source of Danielle's strength from looking at her story, her relationships, and her personality.

Scary Movie - Casey Becker from Scream

Scary Movie

Casey Becker from Scream

Casey Becker from Scream is likely Drew Barrymore's smallest role, but is arguably one of her most impacting roles to date. Casey Becker is a horror movie icon, and what Drew Barrymore did for Scream helped make it the commercial success it became. In Casey, Drew and Kevin Williamson created a multidimensional, relatable, real character that left fans shocked and saddened at her demise. I love Casey. It was fun analyzing and drawing conclusions about a character that appeared on screen for ten minutes. While analytical, this section of Breathe Drew is also highly speculative. I supported my conclusions with facts, however. I hope you enjoy the read.