Proving I play well with others, my community sites focus on well, community. Most of my time online is spent working on, visiting, and discussing shrines. I'm hugely passionate about shrines. Fanlistings also fall under this category; my one or two fanlistings quickly turned into 25 as I've heard they do. I have a problem.

Amassment - Shrine Community


Shrine Community

My friend Masao and I started Amassment as a Livejournal community in 2008, back when the shrine community was divided. She made shrines to anime characters, and I made shrines to just video game characters back then. We wanted to bring our respective shrine communities together out of a mutual love of shrines, hoping we could learn from and inspire each other. The aftermath has been amazing. Amassment has more than 100 members today, and has grown and expanded to meet the shrining community's needs. We now have a domain with a thriving directory of shrines, an active forum, regular events and activities, a regularly active group chat, a monthly award we hand out, and so much more. What makes Amassment special is its diverse group of caring members who love shrines, and genuinely want to support one another. It's definitely worth checking out if you have any interest in making sites like mine. I hope you'll join us!

The Amazing - Shrine Recommendations

The Amazing
Shrine Recommendations

As you are probably well aware, shrines are my favorite type of website. I don't just love creating them; I love visiting them. There are some great shrines out there. My friend Samantha and I decided to create The Amazing to shine light on some of the best shrines on the web. Each shrine featured gets a detailed recommendation from either Samantha or myself, and a shiny badge to display so others will know the shrine is amazing. We have a lot of work ahead of us to even feature half of our favorite shrines online. Although we are not doing a very good job keeping up, our goal is to feature one shrine each a month. I'll try to get better.

Shimmer - Fanlistings Collective

Fanlistings Collective

Like any good potato chip, you can't just make one fanlisting. I started out in the hobby innocently enough, deciding to run the fanlistings for a couple of my favorite characters I had shrines to, as neat little features for the shrines. Before I knew it, I was making fanlistings to things I had no intention of making a shrine to, and I created this fanlistings collective I swore to myself I would never want or need to link them all. This really is not my fault. I now run around 25 fanlistings. Many are part of the shrines linked here at Nightbringer, some are to things I would like to make shrines for in the future, and others are just fanlistings, because I really can't control myself. My plan is to write at least a little content for each fanlisting, even if I don't intend to make full shrines to each subject, because the things I love are awesome, and you need to see why I love them so you can love them, too.

Those Who Fight - Final Fantasy Community Builder

Those Who Fight
Final Fantasy Community Builder

Final Fantasy has some of the most interesting, engaging, and real characters in the video game world. It's easy to see why people enjoy making shrines to them. I, along with my friends Stefi and Tamisa, noticed that shrines to the same characters kept popping up. We love seeing any Final Fantasy shrine, but so many amazing characters have been overlooked in the past. We came up with this project to inspire and motivate shrine makers to choose different Final Fantasy characters to shrine. We list one shrine per character, in an attempt to get every character shrined.