This site would not be what it is today without the makers of Final Fantasy VI, or the various people and resources mentioned below.

Final Fantasy VI was created by Square-Enix. All rights to the series and characters belong to them.

Somewhere Only We Know was created by me, Todd Whittaker, and is part of The Nightbringer Network. No infringement was intended in the making of this site, as most of the site is my own reviews, perception, and analysis. My work should not be duplicated in any way without my permission. You are free to contact me via e-mail regarding any part of this site.

The sprites used throughout the site are from Phylomortis, a site that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

TV Tropes and RPGamer were great resources for some of the essays. The first site is a wonderful site on tropes and archetypes, and helped a ton in my research for the Tropes page. The second is where I got the game script I used for quotes throughout the shrine.

A couple of years ago, Alexandra (from the now-gone scanned me Amano artwork for the scans page. That section would not exist today without her generosity.

Similarly, the music on the Sounds page would not be up without Bobbi's generosity.

Airi, Masao, Juhi, and Chrissy need to be thanked for their general support through the revamp process. Anytime that something didn't look right to me one of those girls were there. Also, Stefi betaed the spoiler-free series introduction for me, because it was way harder to write than it sounds. Fun times, haha. Thank you so much, ladies. :)

Lastly, I want to thank Aeryvae, Alex, and Karen who saw something in this site, and inspired and motivated me to make it better. They're good friends, and this site's revamp is dedicated to them. All three also have kick-ass Final Fantasy VI sites, so be sure to check those out when you're done here.