My party is the amazing character shrines affiliated with Somewhere Only We Know. If you'd like to affiliate, send me a request via e-mail! I don't bite, I swear. I'm willing to discuss affiliation with webmasters of other quality sites and shrines dedicated to Final Fantasy VI or any other Square-Enix RPG.

Final Fantasy VI

Terra is probably one of the most talked about characters in Final Fantasy VI, but Aery covers Terra in a way I haven't seen yet, including pages on her biracial status, myths connected to her, and what gave her the will to fight. This is one of those sites you continue to visit, not because you might find something new, but because you want to rediscover what you've already read. So go; whether you like Terra or not, I know you'll like this shrine.

Chances are you've at least heard of Alex's Locke shrine. Whether it's because of Alex's obvious obsession with everything Locke, or the fact that it's just that good, this is the site most people think of when they think of Alex. It's a fantastic tribute to a character she obviously loves, and is one of those sites you can get lost in because there are so many good things to read. My favorite sections are White Night and Cloud.

Karen's Cyan shrine was one of the first Final Fantasy VI sites I visited years ago. Since then it's been through a couple moves and name changes, and even went down for some time, but now it's back better than ever. The shrine is filled with interesting, in-depth, unique essays about Final Fantasy VI and Cyan, a character not too many people appreciate. East Meets West and Beyond Duty in particular are really great reads.

Jackie's Celes shrine was another of the first Final Fantasy VI sites I visited back when it was called Pure Snow Pure Heart; it's been around for years. After all this time, it's a classic in the FF6 community and still stands strong with story and in-game info, great articles and a fantastic, large media section. My favorite sections are Relationships where she breaks down Celes' interaction with every character from Locke to Kefka, and Influences where she explores the core of Celes' being.

I adopted Alexandra's great shrine to Shadow when Alex went to law school because I didn't want to see the shrine disappear, but it's still very much her shrine. Alexandra's sites are kind of known for their thorough and unique collection of media, and this site doesn't disappoint in that area. The articles are the reason to visit this site, though. Shadow is a dark and complex character, but Alex makes him easy to understand in an engaging way.

Other Games

I love Sofia's sites, so I was honored when she asked me to affiliate with her Rydia shrine. Final Fantasy IV shrines are few and far between, so it's awesome to find a Rydia shrine this in-depth and interesting. Sofia analyzed every part of Rydia's character from her story, to her summoner class, to the color green. Sofia's articles made me think about things I completely overlooked while playing the game, and that's a really cool thing.


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