Video game characters from different games can often be grouped together in tropes based on their character traits and actions. Sabin is definitely not an exception to this. I actually found a few different tropes that I think Sabin falls under. They are explored below.

Supernatural Martial Arts - In this trope, a character is able to achieve superhuman things by simply training their body. Characters that fall under this trope come from many different series including Dragon Ball, Avatar The Last Airbender, and Mortal Kombat. I think Sabin definitely brings this trope to Final Fantasy VI. He is the only character in the game that is not a mage but can perform magic almost right away through his blitzes, which by the way, he trained for. There are also several instances where his superhuman strength comes to play Celes finds him holding up a collapsing house with his muscles alone to save a child inside. He catches, holds up, and throws a falling bolder to save his brother. He can also suplex the Phantom Train.

Bare Fisted Monk - The Bare Fisted Monk is able to perform well with melee attacks without equipping weapons. A very good example of one would be Yang from Final Fantasy IV, whose weapons mainly help him make up for what he is lacking elementally. Sabin sort of falls into this trope, because his blitzes are strong enough to not require weapons, and because most of his weapons are pretty useless until later on in the game when he gets the Tigerfang. Something interesting to note is that Bare Fisted Monks typically prove strong at the beginning of the game and weaker toward the end where other characters gain weapons that drastically raise their attack stats. This is pretty much Sabin all the way should you choose to use him as the monk that he is. If you use him as a mage, it's debatable, but that's a different story.

Rebellious Princess - This trope typically rings true for just girls, but I think Sabin definitely falls under it. In the Rebellious Princess trope, a princess (or prince in Sabin's case) hates that she has no control over her life, and wants to escape her fate as a future queen to live a life of freedom, where she can make her own choices and live without the responsibilities placed on her by her status. Think Jasmine from Aladdin or Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. The entire description pretty much describes Sabin in the Coin Toss scene. He didn't want to be a tool of the empire, he was disgusted by the selfishness of his people, and he wanted to escape his responsibilities and live life how he wanted to live it. Something funny is that Rebellious Princesses are typically blond, and are teenagers when they express their desires for freedom. Sabin was 17, and yeah...

Dumb Muscle - This is my least favorite trope to put Sabin in, but there is evidence to support it. The dumb muscle trope basically implies that you can't have both strength and smarts. Characters that fall under this trope are extremely strong and are excellent fighters, but they're not very bright. Fezzik from The Princess Bride, Ayla from Chrono Trigger, and even Final Fantasy VI's own Umaro fall into this trope. The only evidence that really puts Sabin into this trope is his reaction at the opera, where he asked why everyone was singing. Additionally, but not as strong, he puts a lot of emphasis on his muscles throughout the game, like that's the only thing that he thinks he's good for. In that way, he sort of supports the idea of him being in this trope himself.