The Final Fantasy VI soundtrack proves just how brilliant its composer, Nobuo Uematsu, is. A piece was composed for every character and every significant scene, and each piece somehow captured the essence of that character or happening. It was critically well received and is arguably the best video game soundtrack to date.

Below, I've discussed the two main pieces that relate to Sabin and included midis for your enjoyment. They're just two of many amazing pieces, though, and I definitely recommend checking out the entire soundtrack if you ever get a chance.

Edgar and Sabin's Theme (Midi) - I think it's interesting that Edgar and Sabin's Theme sounds like it's being played by brass and percussion instruments, because that makes me think of a fanfare. Fanfares are traditionally composed for royalty, and in the Middle Ages where they originated, they were composed with a repetition of notes and sounds. This piece definitely has a repetition of notes. Due to that, the instruments that were used, and the fact that Sabin and Edgar are from royalty, I think that Nobuo Uematsu composed the piece as a fanfare. It's a unique and different way to approach Edgar and Sabin, but I think it's brilliant.

The piece definitely makes me think of royalty through the use of brass instruments. Royalty is not the only thing the music conveys, though. In the middle of the strong repetition in the piece, a soft verse starts that sort of tells a story. The verse gave me a sense of sadness, personally, but the brass instruments raise in volume, and eventually the repetition starts again, emphasizing to me, hope. I think that's a central theme with Edgar, Sabin, and Figaro. No matter what comes their way, Figaro will be alright.

Coin of Fate (Midi) - This is a much softer piece than Edgar and Sabin's Theme. It's slower, much more chilling, and it gives me a sense of nostalgia. I think that's important because this music is played in the background of a flashback scene. It's also very sad. I don't know how else to describe it, but I felt the frustration and sadness Sabin felt when his father died. Even when Edgar proposed the coin toss which essentially gave Sabin exactly what he wanted, there was sadness due to the music. It made me feel like Sabin nor Edgar were happy with the decisions they ended up making, but they made them because they were best for Figaro, and in Edgar's case, best for Sabin.

I also really love how effectively this piece tells a story without using words. Sabin didn't need to tell us that he was angry or sad, and we didn't have to be told that something bad had happened. We knew, and that's what makes this piece incredibly strong.