Here is a collection of quotes to commemorate some of Sabin's more memorable moments. He's hilarious, and brings a lot of humor to what would otherwise be a very dark game.

Younger...brother? At first glance I thought he was some bodybuilder who had strayed from his gym...

Terra's reaction of Sabin when she first met him. I guess Sabin is huge.

Worried? Can't wage war on an empty stomach!
Food! Food! Bring me everything ya got!

The Phantom Train is one of my favorite parts of the game. In this particular scene, Sabin stops to eat before battling ghosts on the train. Cyan is scared to eat food served by ghosts, but it doesn't bother Sabin.

No. Mr. Thou is THAT one. Over THERE!

Sabin's reaction to Gau calling him Mr. Thou. I'm still not exactly sure why Gau doesn't call Cyan Mr. Thou instead, but this is hilarious. What I find so funny about this is Sabin picked on Cyan for speaking in Old English, and ended up with the joke on him.

I'm getting sick of this! Thou art such a pain in the- confound it all! I'm starting to talk like you!
My pouch! There was 500GP in it!...Gau...you!

Almost all of Sabin's interaction with Gau and Cyan is hilarious. They both frustrate him immensely, but they're two of the ones he's closest to in the party.

Huh? Why is everybody singing?

Sabin at the Opera. Sabin's not dumb, I swear, but a lot of fans think he's dumb because of this quote. I think he was just caught off guard, personally. It still made me laugh.

You think a little thing like the end of the world was going to do me in?
I know, I know. We smash Kefka, then deliver peace into the world.

Sabin's sarcasm brings a little light to the darker parts of the game. I think it's his way of dealing with his fear, but it's definitely comical.