Retitled in the 1994 North American release as Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VI is unsurprisingly the sixth Final Fantasy game created by Square Enix. It was originally made for the SNES, the system I first played it on, but over the years it has been released on the Playstation in the Final Fantasy Anthology collection, and on the Gameboy Advance as Final Fantasy VI Advance. I actually have my fingers crossed for a DS remake. ;)

The game takes place one thousand years after the War of the Magi, a devastating war over magic that almost destroyed the world. With magic (seemingly) gone, the world was rebuilt with an emphasis on technology, the most powerful of which was controlled by the Empire, led by an Emperor named Gestahl. He was power-hungry, and strove to conquer the world using magic and technology to infuse humans with magic. Two girls were infused with magic and were being used by the Empire. The game sort of focuses on them, although there is no true main character in Final Fantasy VI. One somehow escapes, and while she runs for her life, she has to relearn who she is, and come to terms with the evils she's unwillingly committed at the hands of the Empire. Lucky for her, she doesn't have to do it alone. A group called the Returners come to her aid, and they help her fight off the Empire. Members include characters named Locke, Edgar, and eventually Edgar's brother, Sabin.

Emperor Gestahl's right-hand man is Kefka, a clown general who is as power-hungry as Gestahl, but just a tad more insane. He's cruel, he's uncaring, and he's manipulative, able to make Gestahl do what he wants. With power in his hands, he moves from town to town, killing people with no remorse. No life means a thing to Kefka, and he's intent on conquering the world.

Many won't touch Final Fantasy VI because they consider it outdated. It was the last of the Final Fantasies to be featured on the SNES, and with superior graphics in Final Fantasy VII and beyond, I can see why others may choose to play those games instead. They will be missing out on an amazing game, though. While the game debuted on the SNES, it squeezed everything it could out of the SNES, having some of the most detailed sprites and backgrounds of any SNES title, and becoming one of the system's and series' best games. Additionally, its music, story, and characters are some of the best in the series, and many critics argue that no Final Fantasy title will ever reach the standards set by those Final Fantasy VI elements.