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While I would love to link other fansites dedicated to Parasyte, there simply weren't any I could find. I am open to linking sites dedicated to characters from similar series, though. If you have a site dedicated to a sci-fi or horror anime, comic, or manga and would like to link exchange or affiliate, feel free to e-mail me.

Black Cherry is my affiliate, Shiori's shrine dedicated to Soho Reina from the anime Witchblade. From her scientific tendencies, her need to learn more about herself, and the way others interpret her as cold and non-feeling (which is a completely wrong interpretation, as you'll learn from Shiori's shrine), Reina is a character with a lot in common with Reiko. Like this site, Shiori has made Black Cherry very accessible for people new to the series and die-hard fans alike, so you're sure to find something to enjoy.

My affiliate, Awakening, is Lethe's detailed introduction to Claymore, a series that actually shares a lot of similarities with Parasyte. The Claymores, like Shinichi, struggle with the abilities they've been given, trying to retain their humanity while trying to protect the human race from monsters called Yoma, like Shinichi tries to do what he can for humans by fighting parasites. Lethe laid out her site so that anyone can understand the series, and know what they are getting into if they decide to pick it up. Included with a series synopsis are theme discussions, character introductions, a look at Claymore's world, and a detailed review which mentions negative as well as positive elements in the series. This site is definitely worth checking out if Claymore sounds like something you would be interested in.