This site would not exist if it were not for the people behind Parasyte or various other people online. I not only want to give credit where it's due, but I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped or supported me on this project.

Parasyte was written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. All rights to the series and characters belong to him. English licensing to the series belongs to Del Rey Manga.

Ripples was created by me, Todd Whittaker, and is part of The Nightbringer Network. No infringement was intended in the making of this site, as most of the site is my own reviews, perception, and analysis. My work should not be duplicated in any way without my permission. You are free to contact me via e-mail regarding any part of this site.

The images found throughout the site were captured from a scanlation of the series provided by One Manga.

My Names page would not exist if it were not for the help of Chrissy, Masao, and Stefi who helped explain Kanji to me. It was completely foreign to me and took me a little while to understand, but they patiently answered every question I had about it. Thanks so much, ladies. :)