Parasyte is a series I picked up on impulse while browsing titles at Barnes and Noble. The covers interested me, and the plot synopsis reminded a lot of Animorphs, a book series I grew up reading. Parasites taking over humans? I had to check it out. I picked up only the first two volumes in case I didn't like the series. I was back for more within a week. Hands down, Parasyte is the best manga I have ever read. That is of course subjective, but take this into account: The series made me make my first Animanga site. If you're into some of the same genres I am (horror and science fiction), I recommend Parasyte whole-heartedly.

I knew I wanted to make a Parasyte-related site as soon as I finished the series. I'm a web designer and I make character shrines for fun. It was a natural reaction for me. I had a hard time deciding which character to shrine, though. I debated between Shinichi, Migi, and Reiko. I love Shinichi as a character, and as the protagonist, his role is huge, so there would have been a lot to write about. Migi and Reiko fascinated me, though. They both changed so much in the series, and what's more, they left me asking questions. Shiori started a shrine marathon called Girl Mode at Amassment to increase the amount of sites dedicated to females online, and it seemed like a just cause, so I signed up. Reiko became an easy choice then. I've always really liked Reiko, and in analyzing her for this site, she has quickly become my favorite character from the series. It's funny when that happens. I guess I'm just able to understand where she's coming from more now, having looked at her deeper. I hope I've expressed it in this site.

I had several goals in creating this site. I wanted to give the series proper tribute online so that visitors who have never heard of Parasyte might get into it. I wanted to make others see Reiko the way I see her and hopefully appreciate her more. I wanted to explore the questions Reiko and Parasyte left me asking after I finished the series. While I'll probably never stop thinking of questions to explore and will probably keep adding to the Exploration section for a long time to come, I think I met the rest of the goals. I hope you enjoyed reading my site as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ripples officially went online on December 27, 2009. The name Ripples was a chapter title in one of my volumes. I named this site after it because I feel like it fits Reiko a lot. Even though Reiko couldn't answer all of her questions, I think she made an impact that would affect not only her species, but Shinichi for a while. It's almost like when you throw a stone in a lake, and the ripples of water keep going even after the stone has hit bottom.


Ripples has received some unexpected but appreciated recognition over the years. I have saved the awards below.

In April 2010, Ripples was featured as a Rainy Monday recommendation. Shiori's words on my shrine can be read here.

In February 2016, Ripples was voted Shrine Spotlight at Amassment. Thank you to all of the members who voted for me, and a huge thanks to Lethe for nominating this shrine!