A Little Different...

Welcome to Ripples, a text-heavy dedication to Reiko Tamura, the parasite anomaly from Hitoshi Iwaaki’s great manga series, Parasyte. Reiko attempts to learn more about parasites and humanity to better the future potential of her species. In doing so, she learns more about herself. Reiko is a character that asks a lot of questions in the series, and consequentially, she left me asking questions, too. I find her character absolutely fascinating. In creating this tribute, I tried to not only analyze her character, but answer the questions she brought up.

To those new to the series, I would recommend starting in Basics to get the general info you need to know to understand the rest of the site. I tried to keep the section as spoiler-free as possible, but even it has very basic spoilers, so venture forth with caution.

Navigation is above. I hope you enjoy your stay!

- Todd

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