Rules and Guidelines

Before submitting, please read the guidelines below to ensure your site is eligible to be listed at Legendary. If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions after reading these, please contact us. You may also include questions in the Comments field of the Submit form. We will always reply. Additionally, we will always reply and let you know if a site you submit does not work for Legendary.

Submit a Site

Please use the form below to submit a site to the directory. If the form gives you any trouble, or if you are not added within two weeks, please e-mail your information manually.

In the Comments section, in addition to any comments or questions you have, please list which Nintendo console or consoles your subject appeared on, in the off chance that we are not familiar with your subject. A Wiki link is also fine.

(If you are already listed and wish to update your info, please e-mail Crystal manually.)

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