You are being granted a sneak peak at a Hei fansite I have in the works. I started work for it in December of 2015. I don't have plans to debut it until closer to July, if I can get motivated and write some actual content by then. Up until that point, you may see a couple articles pop up here early as a special treat to you guys who are here now, but this site is primarily up as the Hei fanlisting, listed in the Characters section of The Anime Fanlistings Network. The fanlisting went up on March 9, 2016.

Why is Yin in the layout? My friend Samantha and I are working on a partner project. Something very special is on its way. The layout was planned by Samantha and myself, and was graphically executed by her in Adobe Photoshop for consistency's sake. I coded it in Notepad.