Fear opened on May 31, 2014. I find Ghostface incredibly interesting, and I intended to analyze him and the characters who portrayed him in a fan site. Unfortunately, work started kicking my ass right before the fanlisting was due, so I had to open this site as a simple fanlisting. I'm still working on the information and analysis, so please check back; I hope to have this site completely done this summer.

I am ecstatic to run this fanlisting. Thank you so much, Kristina, not only for the approval, but for helping me make this subject fit TFL guidelines. We had to get creative since Ghostface is portrayed by many different characters, and I wanted to avoid spoiling potential fans.

I named this site Fear after a tagline for the first film:

From the First Name in Suspense Comes the Last Word in Fear

I feel like Ghostface not only evokes fear, but he portrays fear on his mask. I thought about calling the site Final Act, the final scene in each film where the killer or killers are revealed, but I liked Fear a little more.

The layout image was created in Adobe Photoshop CS5 using textures from Crazy Kira. The site was hand-coded by me in Notepad.


If you have a related fanlisting and would like to affiliate, shoot me an e-mail! I'm looking for fanlistings related to Scream, and fanlistings to other horror movies.