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I currently run 19 fanlistings. Some are part of fan sites to the subject, and others are just simple fanlistings, but on each fanlisting, I introduced the subject and wrote about why I love it. I'm fortunate to run the fanlistings to some of my favorite things. Check them out below. They are organized alphabetically by subject. Join if you're a fan, or browse my fanlistings to learn about each subject if you're not. Either way, I hope you enjoy them; they were a lot of fun to make.

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Final Fantasy IV: Edward Chris von Muir
quote Cecil! I'll show you the courage that you taught me!


Final Fantasy X: Tidus
quote I think I had a dream a dream of being alone. I wanted someone anyone beside me, so I wouldn't have to feel alone anymore.

A Murder of Crows
Fire Emblem Awakening: Henry
quote I've got kind of a thing for killing.

Sonic: Knuckles the Echidna
quote I'll probably be on this floating island forever, guarding the Master Emerald once again. I may not know the whole story behind this, but perhaps it's better that way. I'm at peace once more.

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