All That Shimmers

This fanlistings collective was definitely not planned. My friends online all ran fanlistings, and I've always thought they were neat. I did some browsing on the network and realized a couple of my favorite subjects didn't have fanlistings. I applied, thinking, oh, I'll just make a couple. Well, we know how that goes. Fanlistings are like potato chips. I now run ten fanlistings, and have a need for this collective I never thought I'd make. I regret none of it, though. I really like the fanlistings I run, I think they are a fun hobby, and I love what The Fanlistings Network is doing. Fanlistings are getting people into making sites who probably wouldn't have otherwise made them, they are providing a way for fans to unite, and they are giving exposure to a wide array of characters, series, and fandoms. I'm a fan. I even volunteer for the network as a Category Staffer for the Actresses category. I'm in pretty deep, so here's Shimmer.

This layout, Shimmer's first, features a classic NES controller. I'm a gamer, I like the retro feel of the controller, and I like a lot of old things, so it suits this collective. I designed the layout in Adobe Photoshop CS5 using textures from Shizoo.

Keep In Mind

To ensure my fanlistings have long lives, I created a Keep In Mind list. The people on the list will be contacted if I ever decide I don't want to run a fanlisting anymore. Check it out here. Fill out the form on the page to get added to the list.


I created some buttons for you to use to link back to Shimmer. Please save and upload the button you choose to your own server. Direct links to

Thank you, Crystal and Sofia, for the button sets below!


Here are the fanlistings collectives I am affiliated with. If you are interested, hit me up! I generally affiliate with people I am acquainted with, but if your collective has similar fanlistings, I'd be open to affiliating.