Soaring is the approved fanlisting for Great White Sharks listed under Aquatic Animals in the Animals category at The Fanlistings Network. One of my first fanlistings was for Jaws, the film that made me love Great Whites. Jaws vilified Great Whites, though, and I wanted to make a fanlisting for them to show what amazing animals they are. My hope is that people will continue to inform themselves, and that Great Whites will stop being hunted. I am super happy to run this fanlisting and am honored to portray this amazing animal in a positive way.

The name Soaring is random, really, and holds no special significance. Great Whites soar through the water at amazing speeds, and are able to send their gigantic bodies out of the water to ambush prey. Soaring just looks and sounds cool. I like it. I thought about calling this fanlisting White Death, another name for Great White Sharks, but knowing I wanted to portray Great Whites positively, I didn't like the negativity associated with the name.

The layout is super simple. To be honest, I was layout blocked and needed to get this up. I am pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out, though. Sometimes simple is nice. The layout graphic was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5, and was hand-coded in Notepad.

Affiliation is open to fanlistings to other animals, and media (films, books, and TV Shows) containing Great Whites. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested!