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Welcome to Change, a fanlisting for the book series Animorphs by K. A. Applegate, and the Nickelodeon TV show based off of the books.

Running from 1996 to 2001, the series consisted of 54 books, eight companion books, and two Choose Your Own Adventure books that exist outside of the series' continutity. The TV show debuted in 1998 and ran until 2000, lasting two seasons. It consists of 26 episodes.

Animorphs tells the story of Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco, teenagers with the ability to morph into animals. They use their power to fight against the Yeerks, an alien parasistic species attempting to take over Earth. Animorphs is awesome to say the least.

If you are a fan of the series like me, browse the links above and join the list of fans!

- Todd

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