Not sure what Battlestar Galactica is? This may be the only page you want to check out. The series is too awesome to be spoiled. I think there's something in the show for everybody, and whether you like science fiction, romance, action, suspense, or even fantasy to a degree, you'll find something to like in BSG. There is one big but pretty basic spoiler in the Number Eight section below that can't be avoided when talking about these characters. Learning it won't lessen the show's experience for you, though, as it is revealed very early on in the series.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is actually a TV show that started in 1978. I haven't watched any of the original series, but it's not necessary to watch the original in order to understand the 2004 reimagined series. The reimagined series actually premiered as a three-hour miniseries in 2003, and the ratings were so good that Syfy picked the show up. It ran for four seasons before completing in 2009. It should be noted that the characters this site focuses on (Boomer and Athena) are from the 2004 series, not the original. It can be confusing because the original series had different characters with the same names.

The story behind Battlestar Galactica is actually pretty simple. Human-created robots called Cylons evolved and rebelled against the human race destroying their world and leaving human survivors running and fighting for their lives in space. They continue to fight the Cylons as they search for Earth, their dream of a new home.

The show gets a lot more complex than that, though. What makes Battlestar Galactica so awesome in my opinion are its Cylons. They have evolved to the point where there are human versions of them that look and feel human. Some Cylons honestly believe they are humans, while others know exactly what they are. There are also many copies of the Cylon models which is why you might see various versions of the same actors and actresses running around! This brings us to the Eights.

The Eights

The Eights are a Cylon model played by Grace Park. There are literally tons of Eights, but the series mainly focuses on two primary units: Boomer and Athena. Boomer is the first Eight we meet, and she has no idea that she is a Cylon. Athena's entry into the series is a little more complex, so I'd suggest checking out the Athena section for more info on her.

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