Et Cetera

The leftovers are basically opinions and downloads. There are some things I wanted to write about that cover Boomer and Athena, and some general things like show basics that really cover neither. Putting those sections under Boomer or Athena didn't really make any sense to me, so here's an et cetera section.

And then there's downloads. I'm not the best graphic designer, but I try, so hopefully you'll enjoy the selection of goodies I have to offer.

➘ Appeal - How I got into the show and what got me hooked.
➘ Grace Park - Information on the actress behind the Eights.
➘ Finale - The explosion that is the last episode of the series.
➘ Downloads - Wallpapers and icons for you, the visitor.
➘ Adopt a Cylon - Everybody needs a Raider or Centurion head.
➘ Fan Art - Artistic interpretations of Boomer and Athena.

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