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Affiliation with Breathe Drew is currently open. Unlike a lot of celebrity sites, I'm not interested in the hits your site gets; I care more about uniqueness and quality. I'm looking to affiliate with other Drew Barrymore sites, sites to her films, and sites to other actors. If you're interested, send an e-mail my way. I don't bite, I promise. ;)

Random fact: when I first started looking for Drew Barrymore sites online in the early 2000s, I regularly visited Goddess. It's stood strong for years, and it's been really fun watching it change and evolve. While home to information and a gallery, its main feature is the Drew Barrymore fanlisting; join if you're a fan!

All Hail is Sarah's small, fun, and personal (read: refreshing) tribute to actor Joel McHale, from The Soup and Community. By reading her site, you will not only learn more about Joel McHale, but will learn what exactly Sarah loves about him, making this tribute one of a kind.

The Drewseum is as its title implies... a Drew Barrymore museum of sorts. You can literally find anything about Drew Barrymore here, and the webmistresses do a great job of keeping the site informative and up to date with the latest Drew Barrymore information. Their passion for Drew and the energy they exhibit on their site is contagious, and that is why this is one of my absolute favorite Drew Barrymore sites. is a unique, Ghostface-centric site to the Scream series. You can find information on Ghostface's history, Ghostface's masks, various Ghostface merchandise available, and all four Scream movies from which Ghostface appeared. I love the attention Tim gives his site. There's so much to read already, and because he keeps his site updated with Scream news, this should become one of your regular Scream destinations. It's definitely one of mine.


There are some really great sites online dedicated to Drew Barrymore and her films. I linked some of my favorites below. They offer different things like news, general info, and large media sections with scans and movie stills. Check them out below; you're sure to find something to pique your interest. If you run a Drew Barrymore site, a site to one of her films, or a site to another actor or actress, feel free to e-mail me about a link exchange!

Drew Barrymore

* - Official Site
Drew Barrymore Fan
Drew Barrymore Source
Drew Central
Drew's Evolution
Drew Junkie
Lovely Drew Barrymore
Miss Barrymore


Hello Sidney
Scream Movie
Scream Trilogy Tumblr

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