Drew Barrymore is an actress, model, director, and producer probably best known for her films Charlie's Angels, Never Been Kissed, Ever After, and 50 First Dates. She is hands down my favorite actress. I first discovered her my seventh grade year when one of my teachers made me watch Ever After in class. I really enjoyed Danielle, and saw something special in the actress who played her. I set out to watch any other film I could find with Drew Barrymore in it; I even watched Scream because she was on the cover of the movie. Imagine my disappointment when she died within the first ten minutes of the film.

Once I knew who Drew was, I started noticing her everywhere. She was not only in tons of films, but in TV shows, commercials, books, and magazines. Drew was even on Oprah a couple years ago.

I read her book Little Girl Lost in my junior year of high school. It's an autobiographical account of her life to age 14, and provides a look into her history of drug and alcohol addiction. It was after reading that, and seeing how far she's come that I started to really admire her as a person, and not just an actress. Drew not only rose above her own problems and came out on top, but she uses her experience and fame to help others and benefit causes that she believes in. In fact, Drew is probably just as known for her philanthropy as she is for her films. Her passion for animals and people is something to really be admired, and both are greatly benefited by her passion, her generosity, and her voice. Some of the charities Drew has supported over the years are the Wildlife Waystation, the Much Love Animal Rescue, and the World Food Programme. Drew was even named a U.N. Ambassador against Hunger in 2007.

Drew is a great person and a great role model for tons of people. It's her talent in acting and love of films that made her famous, though. I guess I should start at the beginning.

Drew was born in Culver City, California on February 22, 1975 to John Barrymore Jr. and Ildiko Jaid. To say she was a celebrity baby is a bit of an understatement. Her father was an actor, her mother an aspiring actress, her grandparents were actors, and her great grandparents on both sides of her family were all famous actors. In addition, Steven Spielberg became her godfather. I guess she was destinied to be in film. Her mother believed her to be, at least, and took her to auditions, landing Drew her very first role at just eleven months old in a puppy food commercial. Her mother kept taking Drew to auditions, wanting the very best for her daughter. At just 3 years old, Drew landed a role in a TV movie, and at 5 she landed a role in her first feature film, Altered States. It was at 7 years old that Drew landed the role that made her a household name Gertie in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. From its success she went on to host Saturday Night Live, becoming the show's youngest host ever. She quickly became a child star.

Her talent in acting and experience led her to act in several roles growing up, most notably Irreconcilable Differences for which she earned a Golden Globe nomination. It was around then that she started abusing drugs and alcohol, and eventually ended up in rehabilitation. Her rebellious antics made her popular with the media, which prompted her to write about her experiences in Little Girl Lost. She immancipated from her mother after rehabilitation, dropped out of high school, and started to put her career back together by acting again and modeling. She starred in films Poison Ivy, Guncrazy, Boys on the Side, and Mad Love, to name a few, really developing a new name for herself and transitioning from a child star to an adult one. She really saw herself as an adult, and even posed nude in magazines, leading Steven Spielberg to give her a quilt for her twentieth birthday with a note that said "Cover yourself up."

Drew went on to act in several other films like Ever After and Scream before finding a genre that really worked for her: romantic comedies. Around this time she starred in The Wedding Singer, Home Fries, and Never Been Kissed, the latter of which she produced herself with her then-new production company, Flower Films. Her love of films led her to start Flower Films in 1994 with her business partner Nancy Juvonen. It's still going strong today and has produced films like Charlie's Angels, Donnie Darko, 50 First Dates, Whip It!, and He's Just Not That Into You. Drew sort of brands Flower Films by either starring or taking on a small role in each film it produces.

Most recently, Drew's love of films has gotten her into directing. She not only produced and acted in Whip It!, but directed it as well. On the side, she continues modeling. I just saw her in a CoverGirl commercial the other day.

Random Facts

Drew Barrymore never finished high school.

Her favorite poet is e.e. cummings.

She used to be a vegan.

In 1997, she was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

She won the 1999 Nickelodean Kid's Choice Award for favorite movie actress.

She has hosted Saturday Night Live six times.

In 2004, she got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, joining three of her famous relatives.