As my home on the web, is my site collective. It links and houses every site I currently run. My favorite kind of sites to visit and make are character shrines, analytical tributes to characters, and as such, that is the majority of what you will find here. I have other types of sites, however: an online community, a fansite to my favorite actress, and as of most recently, fanlistings. The latter are addicting. I made a collective for them because I can't control my urges.

I've been building websites since about 2000, but I didn't become serious with the hobby until about 2007 when I made my first character shrine to a Final Fantasy character. Since then, I've accumulated quite a few, as you'll discover when you explore my network. I prefer to properly maintain the sites I own before making new ones, so I'm pretty slow when it comes to debuting new sites, but I will absolutely make more. In the meantime, nearly all of my sites are active and receive updates. Follow my Updates Twitter, @nightallaround, to keep up with my updates. is not my first domain, but I plan for it to be my last. I like this name, and I really don't like moving my sites. Previous domains I've called home are:,,, and

I first heard the word Nightbringer when I played Final Fantasy X. It's one of Tidus' weapons. While that was enough to draw me to it, the word Nightbringer is also used in a variety of other science fiction, horror, and fantasy TV shows, video games, comics, and movies. Nightbringer just looks and sounds cool on its own, too, when looked at away from fandom. The words together completely suited my network. Nightbringer is pretty, but dark, and I love that. Since I tend to like a lot of dark stories and characters (Parasyte or Battlestar Galactica, anyone?), my sites are definitely at home under this name. is registered by NameCheap and is hosted with A Small Orange. I have been with both for years and I have no intention of leaving them anytime soon. ASO in particular has amazing customer service, and their packages are extremely affordable.