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Pokemon-themed websites started to overrun my last collective so I decided that I would purchase a cheap domain to house all my Pokemon-themed websites. Owning 3 domains was getting to be a bit of a hassle and I really love some of the sites that have come out of it, so I definitely wanted to keep it. I named it after Meowth's Japanese name, Nyarth/Nyassu, because I absolutely love Meowths! This site actually hosts several sites along with three character tribtues: Modest Mouser, Later, Gator!, and The Godfather.

One-Page tributes

Immemorial- Lamassu Tribute
Immemorial was actually the first fanlisting I had owned and then the first of my tribute sites to be rebuilt back in 2005 or 2006 when I was trying to make a come back in the world of webdesign. It remains a special place in my heart even though it's rather static. This site is a tribute to the Lamassu which is a wonderful work of art and an ancient and powerful creature in Mesopotamian mythology. I am a big fan of world mythology and I was excited to be able to turn this into a neat little site. It even contains more information than that of the wikipedia page! Though it remains a one-page tribute since these creatures are mysterious!

Sparrowhawk - Ged Tribute
This site was made for Amassment's One-page Shrine Marathon of 2010. The site is largely an informational page about the character Ged from the Earthsea novels by Ursula K. LeGuin. It is the first time in years that I wrote about a character from a series of novels. If you visit the site you will see why I love Ged, especially since LeGuin is one of my favorite writers.

Character Tributes

Paladin- Lloyd Irving Tribute
On a whim I had asked for the game Tales of Symphonia for Christmas one year and within the first few minutes I was addicted. The game is amazing and I had simply adored the main character. I still cannot say what had attracted me to this character, it certainly was not his design, but it might have been his personality and the fact that he was so bright and vivid in the game. Whatever the case was, I knew I really was going to make a tribute for him at some point. I am rather proud of this site because it almost did not come about. When I came back into the fansite world I saw that there were many other sites to him already and I was rather discouraged because I had not made a fansite in a long time. However, I gathered my strength and made one! It has been revamped since its opening but it remains a very valuable addition to my collective.

Asunder - Ur Tribute
When looking at my Lamassu site it would seem very obvious that I would have to make a site to a character named Ur! Ur is one of the main spirits in a DS RPG game called Avalon Code. I fell in love with this game too, it was just so darn fun and creative, plus the designs of all the characters are so charming! But since media is rare and the game is not that popular, this site remains a small tribute. However, it did not stop me from analyzing the heck out of this character. There are several essays that go deeper, not in the game but into the possible origins of the character, and other aspects. Beware if you have not played this game, it contains massive spoilers!

Space Ace - Fox McCloud Tribute
*Currently offline for remodeling!*
Fox McCloud, the protagonist of the StarFox Fanchise, is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. This site was original a tribute, then a fanlisting, then a mix. I have long since wanted to give up on fanlistings and am in the process of revamping this site, yet again. Space Ace is in the constant state of limbo and I rework and remodel it to suit my tastes. Being one of the oldest sites on my collective, I can't bear to see it go, but grow!

Soothsay- Krystal Tribute
A companion site to Space Ace, Soothsay is a site dedicated to Fox's girlfriend, Krystal. It was made originally for the Girl Mode challenge at the Amassment community but has become a valuable addition to my list of sites. During the move, I was considering dropping it from my list, however, I find that I really enjoyed the final result. Though, there are many Krystal fansites out there already (by dedicated Fury fans) I felt like I would like to present my view of Krystal. Instead of her being simply eyecandy, I present her as a valuable member to the Starfox team and a great addition to the franchise!

Upcoming websites

There are a few projects I have in mind. They may come about eventually.

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