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Paladin, a tribute dedicated to Lloyd Irving from the game/manga/OVA Tales of Symphonia. This site has gone through many facelifts but has been a proud addition to my collection over the years. I personally have been a huge fan of Lloyd since I first played Tales of Symphonia and had wanted to make something Lloyd-related. In the summer of 2008, I believe, I had finally put this site together. I almost did not create it because there were other Lloyd sites out there but I thought, "The more the merrier!" and created my own little view on this character.

With that being said, this site is predominantly text-based. I have created a rather large media-based section for your viewing pleasures. I hope that if you are not a ToS fan, or even a Lloyd fan, you will at least enjoy visiting Paladin. I have taken the non-fan into consideration and you will find a nice-sized section dedicated to introducing you, the viewer, to the game and world.

-Last updated on November 16, 2010


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