The following are my affiliates and partners in crime! These are cool people whom I've gotten to know through the fansite community. Please check out their sites as they are all wonderful!

Vanessa and I have been amazing internet pals since our childhood days. She is an incredibly talented writer, thrifter, designer, and just a fun person to talk to. Check out her extensive writing portfolio. My personal favorite website by her Man in Uniform, a great example of a character shrine.

I met Carolyn through Amassment. Another gamer and very talented individual. Her sites are all unique and definitely are examples of her personal flair. I love her Disgaea site, Our Ending.

Sarah is an absolute sweetheart! I had been following her domain for a few years and it wasn't until just recently I worked up the courage to ask her to affiliate with me. Through talking on Twitter I realized how much we have in common and we love a lot of the same movies! It's so great to have another person to spazz with about the rerelease of Back to the Future. One of my personal favorites is her site Intensity.

I was thrilled when Saya wanted to add me as an affiliate. Saya is another great and talented girl I met through Amassment. Just from talking to her and visiting her site, Butterfly, I started to read and watch xxxHolic and really get into the series. We also have a lot of other interests in common but most of all I love her ernest want to improve and create shrines! Her attitude is very motivating and contagious. (:

Todd is not only my host, but really is one of the reasons I have gotten back into making character tributes in the first place. When I restarted making sites back in 2007, I almost stopped immediately because I struggled with getting attention and visitors. When I visited his sites, I was inspired to keep working and saw how great my sites could be. He's really impacted me and I really am influenced by the amount of love and attention he puts into his work. Ripples is one of his many wonderful works.

These are other collectives and domains I like to visit. If you would like to do a link exchange, or I've forgotten you on my link wall, please let me know! I would love to add your site. :)


Here are some of my favorite sites that I like to visit. Each of these fansites are sites that have personally inspired me to work on my own in one way or another. I personally feel these are great sites to visit so if you have the time, I would recommend that you do. This list should grow in the future and feel free to share your shrines/fansites with me!

If you wish to link back the Little Wonders collective you can use a text link from or one of these fancy buttons. Whatever suits your fancy, I'm just happy you visited my collective!


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