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Greetings and welcome to Soothsay, a website that is dedicated to the character Krystal from the Starfox fanchise. I have long been a fan of Starfox and also of the character Krystal, the mysterious blue fox girl who was first introduced in Starfox Adventures. This website is dedicated to the unlikely heroine of the Starfox team. Here you will find many essays that reveal this character in her multiple incarnations in the series. The name Soothsay was decided upon when thinking about Krystal and how she differs from other characters in the series. To Soothsay is to tell fortunes or to be, in a way, telepathic. Krystal is gifted with both empathetic and telepathic powers which make her a unique addition to the franchise.

This site was created October 29th, 2009 for the Girl Mode Shrine Challenge at the Amassment Fansite community. I decided to participate because I had been planning to do something for Krystal for a while but never got around to it. Seeing the marathon, I jumped into it and was able to make this site. Though it's not one of my biggest creations, nor is it as insightful as some other fansites out there for Krystal, it remains my own personal work. If you feel my site is lacking in media for Krystal, I urge you to visit the links section for other wonderful Krystal-related sites. And, as always, thanks for visiting!

-- Last updated on November 16, 2010