Back around 1998 I created my first fansite. It was a Beanie Baby Fansite and was definitely a product of the time period, from then on, I was definitely hooked into making websites as a hobby. I taught myself HTML and hopped around from collective to collective. My first collective being called "Destiny" and my later being dubbed "Raging Waters Collective". It wasn't until 2007 when I had purchased my very own, first ever, domain: I had to give it up in the middle part of 2010 due to lack of finances as well as I wanted to start fresh. This is where you are now, the "Little Wonders" Collective.

What is a collective? A collective is a term for a website that houses several smaller websites. It is, essentially a hub of sorts. Every owner treats their site differently, and mine is used to keep all my little creations in a neat, orderly fashion.

What about "Little Wonders"? When I was losing UBnet, I was thinking whether or not I wanted to actually keep my current collective. I have to thank many people for being supportive of me, if not for them, then you would not even be at this site right now! Van, Sarah, Todd, Daphne, Carolyn, Saya and Larissa ♥ (and to everyone else who gave me wonderful works of encouragement!) I was having a really difficult time even picking a name for the site, until listening to my iPod and naming this collective after a song! (Something I very rarely do!) This collective is named after the song Little Wonders by Rob Thomas. I personally really identify with that song and felt like I wanted to have a new collective that was more "me" and less specific than my last.

Any last words? Thank you to those who made this layout possible :) I was inspired by looking at Retro layouts when I went off the edge and made a scrapbook-esque one instead. Pattern thanks to here and Fonts from dafont and coding done in notepad. I scanned most of the textures myself. If you want to use anything on this site please contact me first. I would rather not like to see my incredibly messy coding anywhere without my permission, since I worked so hard on it.

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