bird +anima

What sets Cooro apart from other +Anima is that he has no recollection of when he became a +anima, or rather, he remembers always being a +anima. His phenomena is explained in his past but he also has the ability to sense other +Anima or recognize when people become +Anima. Aside from these attributes, Cooro also differs in his appearence. Most +Anima are different in some ways. Cooro is that of a crow, and crows are mostly scavengers, so Cooro was given wings and feathered arms. It may so happen that the +Anima's gift mirrors the person's heart and inner desires.

Shinon was a boy who was trapped in Maggie's Coliseum, a decrepit stone building where children were made "friends" (slaves) to Maggie. The children who lived there wanted desperately to escape but knew if they provoked Maggie they would meet a horrible fate. Shinon met Cooro, Senri, and Husky when they stumbled upon the coliseum one day, and met the imprisoned children. Shinon could no longer take the torture at the Coliseum and while outside one day, saw a group of white swans flying over them. He cried out in agony and the spirit of the swans heard him and he was born as a +Anima. The other children exclaimed, "He had been a +Anima all along?" Cooro knew better:
"No. Shinon turned into one 'just now'." - Cooro (Ch19 pg4)
Shinon needed only to escape the clutches of Maggie and so his +Anima ability was wings of a swan. Unlike other +anima who had abilities for offense, his became solely for defense.

Kazana While traveling in Sailand, Cooro and his friends come across lady Crystala who saves them from being slaves. By acting as one of Crystala's +Anima, they are allowed to live in Sailand. Soon, they meet Kazana, who is the leader of a band of rogue +Anima. Kazana has a violent and aggressive nature and has the wings and talons of a Hawk. Like a bird of prey, Kazana seeks to take down whatever is in his way, this includes the King of Sailand. He wishes to rid Sailand of their kind and take over, and end the slavery of +Anima. Even though Kazana sees Cooro as "the same", or like a brother, the two could not be more different.

Jesso Jesso is a young man who illustrates the fact that not all +Anima are people who are victims. Jesso, though being a +Anima under discrimination, is forceful and violent rather than passive. Cooro meets Jesso when he decides to enter a race in Sailand for +Anima only. It seems that the race, even though it had a very generous prize, seemed to be a ploy to gather many +Anima into one place.

Cooro finds that Jesso, with the wings of a bird of prey, acts the same in the sky, picking off smaller and weaker +Anima. Instead of having claws like Kazana, Jesso carries a short knife. He claims that he must win the race in order to live an honest life, because he had spent most of his life stealing to survive. Jesso's +Anima is not revealed, but it is possible he is a type of Hawk or Vulture.

Lyra is a childhood friend of Cooro with a Swallow +Anima. They reunite in chapter 49 when Cooro enters the +Anima race in Sailand. At first, the audience seems to be unsure as to who Lyra is and why she is giving Cooro the cold shoulder. Cooro is eager to greet his old friend, not seeing her in so many years, but is shocked to see her because he did not know her as a +Anima. So he had to think, "What happened to Lyra for her to become +Anima?" Cooro only wants to have a friendship as he did before but she refuses, only to reveal her jealousy.
"You've always been like that, Cooro! Always smiling like an idiot. You can laugh stupidly like that because you've been a +Anima from the beginning! You're not like me-- I had to wait to get a +Anima!!" - Lyra (ch50)
What caused Lyra to become a +Anima? It turns out that she was one of the few who were given an artificial +Anima from Fly Greena. During the race, Cooro saves Lyra from falling to her death as her +Anima leaves her body, a foreshadowing that an artifical +Anima soon rejects its human partner.