Awakening is the approved fanlisting for Bravely Default listed under Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games in the Games category at The Fanlistings Network. Months after the game's release, I was shocked to see that the game didn't have a fanlisting. It's one of my favorite games, and probably my favorite game for the Nintendo 3DS; I have put more hours than I care to admit into playing it. Bravely Default definitely deserves a fanlisting, and I am happy and honored to run it.

As of now, Awakening is just a fanlisting, and I'm happy with that. I plan on replaying the game soon, and I would like to make some sort of fan site to accompany the fanlisting. I'm not sure whether I'll make a fan site to one of the characters, or turn Awakening into a fan site to the whole game, but I would like to eventually analyze this game.

After going through several possible names, I finally settled on Awakening. The party is on a quest to awaken the crystals, but Awakening applies to a greater aspect in the game: the theme of change. Awakening implies that the people in Agnes' world need to open their eyes and accept the changes happening around them. In a lot of ways, Agnes does, too. I like it.

The layout features Agnes' companion Airy from the cover of the game.


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