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Subject: Minako of Persona 3 Portable
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What makes this shrine amazing: When I first saw Telos, I was honestly surprised that someone could make a solid dedication to a silent protagonist. This is especially true for Persona 3, because the player can basically choose the personality of the character based on various responses throughout the game. What kind of analysis could there really be? Reading Tara’s interpretation of Minako, though, had me seriously reconsider my original stance.

Based on my initial reaction, the first page I looked at was about her personality. Tara very quickly and clearly points out how Minako actually does have her own personality by contrasting her with the original male protagonist. Yes, the player has a set of responses to choose from, but her set of responses is much different than her male counterpart. Minako is extroverted and shows a wide range of emotions in comparison to Minato, who is incredibly introverted and has responses with flattened affect. I also love how Tara also points out that Minako seems much closer to the team because she has social links with each team member—something else I never considered.

My absolute favorite section, however, is the social links one. I personally feel that the most important role of the protagonist in the Persona games is to highlight character development of the other party members. Often times you see them at their best and worst through these social links. I think this is especially true for Minako because she is able to have a link with every S.E.E.S. member. Tara does a great job of highlighting this by discussing the relationships that are mostly unique to her side of the game. Reading the social links section really made me consciously consider how Minako showcases each of the main characters in a different light than Minato’s side.

You’ve probably noticed a theme here—that Minako’s personality and role is highlighted by contrasting it with that of Minato. I absolutely love how Tara did this and worked it through the shrine because it makes the experience of visiting this shrine very unique. I went into Telos wondering what in the world there would be to talk about and left it feeling like I finally realized what made Persona 3 Portable so different than Persona 3 FES to me: the contrasting personalities of the male and female protagonist.

Considering how different Minako and Minato are and the impact it has on the game dynamics after reading Tara’s shrine really got me thinking about a number of additional things, such as looking closer at the social links that the two protagonists share and what about Minako makes them different, looking at color symbolism for pink/red/orange versus Minato’s blue and what that means with regard to their personality, and looking closer at Minako’s relationship with death in comparison to his. I love that Telos got me thinking of these things and am excited for what else Tara may bring to the shrine in the future!

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  • Todd says:

    I haven’t played Persona, but I think the idea behind this site is awesome; I love that Tara shrined a silent protagonist. That alone makes this shrine pretty special. The “Persona” section is very welcoming to new fans, with a great introduction to the game and series, and it even has a glossary. The layout is very beautiful as well.

    Congratulations, Tara!

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