Copy Cat

ToddTitle: Copy Cat
Subject: Mew and Mewtwo of Pokémon
Owner: Denise of Delve
URL: http://rigelatin.net/copycat/

What makes this shrine amazing: I have actually been working on my own Pokémon shrine, an upcoming tribute to my favorite Pokémon, Drifloon. I’ve been scouring the web reading as many Pokémon sites as I can, to see how others tackle these creatures with little development and depth (as far as video game characters go). Copy Cat stood out to me in a really good way. In this shrine to Mew and Mewtwo, Denise shows shrines to Pokémon can be just as full and engaging as any video game character shrine, and I can only hope my own shrine will be this good. Granted, there is more information on Mew and Mewtwo than many other Pokémon, but Denise doesn’t miss a thing.

Mew is, as Denise puts it, the beginning and the end of Pokémon, and Mewtwo, the clone of Mew, is “Frankenstein’s monster of the Pokémon world.” Denise introduces both Pokémon in clear, interesting pages with images and personal thoughts. Vital Statistics cover each Pokémon’s Pokedex entries, appearance, and powers, but go even further covering voice actors, names, and even sounds. Denise has even set up an Ancient Mew page, covering the unique Pokémon card.

Mew and Mewtwo are featured not only in the games, but in the anime and Pokémon movies, and Denise has covered them all in the story section. Cultural Differences is a really interesting section, discussing changes in the story from language to language. Denise has even covered Mew and Mewtwo’s cameos, going as far as to highlight them in a season opening. In the Story and Games & General sections, visitors are able to gain a clear understanding of both Pokémon. This is great even for somewhat-new Pokémon fans like myself (My first game was Pokémon Pearl.), who haven’t played the early games or watched the films, but have heard of the legendary Mew and Mewtwo and want to learn more. Mew and Mewtwo aren’t as prevalent in later generations, and new fans might be missing out. Denise’s site will quickly catch anyone up.

Denise’s whole shrine is wonderful, but the “fanstuff” section, titled Telekinesis, is where Copy Cat really shines. She has some silly, fun stuff like Nicknames and Ask Mew & Mewtwo, but in this section she also has out-of-the-box pages like Theories, where she hypothesizes and discusses Bill’s possible occupation (a great read!), and Impersonators, where she compares Mew and Mewtwo not only to other Pokémon, but characters from other anime and games, like Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog and Master Chief from Halo.

There is a plethora of other pages and features to get lost in including extensive galleries, quotes, and a personal section explaining Denise’s own connection to Mew and Mewtwo. Denise has been working on this shrine since 2001, and it really shows, because there is so much thought and careful analysis scattered throughout. Some of the pages say Under Construction, which I’m excited about, because it means we’re in store for more, but what’s up and completed is definitely worth a visit or two or ten.