Hawk & Dove

Lux Perpetua

ToddTitle: Lux Perpetua
Subject: Dove of Hawk & Dove
Owner: Robin of Withinmyworld.org
URL: http://dove.withinmyworld.org/

What makes this shrine amazing: Lux Perpetua is dedicated to a lesser-known female character from a 1988 DC comic series. As popular as DC and Marvel are in popular culture, I am surprised there are not more sites online dedicated to characters from comics and graphic novels. Lux Perpetua definitely fills the void, however. Even though most of us are not familiar with Dawn Granger, the super heroine Dove, this is a shrine that should not be skipped.

Not sure who Dove is? That’s okay! A little known fact about the webmistress, Robin, is that she has a teaching background. I think that fact is hugely evident in all of Robin’s sites, especially in this one, in how naturally information just flows. Her writing is clear and easy to understand, and she has a real gift when it comes to presenting information. Robin has introduced Dove in such a clear, engaging way, using not only articles on the character and her relationships, but bullet lists, comparisons, and images. Robin is super passionate about Dove, and has framed her site to focus on personal essays on the character. In the “Info” section, Robin gives the reader everything he or she needs to know to very quickly have a basic understanding of the character, so that the essays that follow can be understood and enjoyed.

Her “Essays” section is what pushes this shrine from good to amazing. Because of the detailed “Info” section, the “Essays” section can be enjoyed by anyone, whether you’ve read the 1988 Hawk & Dove comic series or not. Her essays are not all focused just on the series, with many using Dove to discuss real world over-arching themes and issues like “New Femininity” and the “pure” female character, discussing female characters’ place in fiction, and society’s unfair and ridiculous view of females in fiction as a virgin or a whore. Other essays focus on transformation, a deep-rooted theme in any super hero story, in which Robin attempts to understand the character by focusing on how she changed throughout the series. Robin’s essays are not just interesting; they’re thought-provoking.

Dove is clearly a character that makes Robin think and feel, and she emphasizes that beautifully in the site as a whole. Her passion for Dove and the things Dove represents makes this site an interesting and engaging read for the visitor. Robin’s personality and thoughts are scattered throughout the entire shrine. Robin has even made a Character Songs page, linking videos to songs that make her think about Dove.

Lux Perpetua is a unique shrine for way more than its subject matter. Robin’s audacious essays, her enticing and clever exploration of the character Dove, and the clear, engaging way Robin presented information on the character and series make this shrine an amazing, thought-provoking read.