Warmth in Winter

ToddTitle: Warmth in Winter
Subject: Elsa of Frozen
Owner: Sarah of

What makes this shrine amazing: Like Sarah wrote on her shrine, Frozen took the world by storm when it was released. A few different shrines have been made to characters from the movie; all of them are endearing and offer something special, but I keep coming back to this one. It introduces Elsa and Frozen to visitors who are unfamiliar with the film, and provides a personal, unique, and deep look at the character for visitors who have seen the film. The site being a one-pager, Sarah shows shrines don’t have to be large to be amazing in Warmth in Winter.

Sarah’s passion and respect for Elsa is hugely evident in the shrine, not only from how she presents Elsa to visitors, but by what she decided to discuss. Her shrine content is written in a clear, warm, and inviting way that makes the subject very easy to understand; she provides vivid imagery to recount the story and support her opinions — interesting personal perception scattered throughout the shrine.

Something I think Sarah did wonderfully is present Elsa as a character with contradicting personality traits and actions. Elsa is a character who can’t be defined by her actions, but by her heart, which Sarah stresses throughout the shrine. The title of her shrine even supports that image of Elsa: though some of her actions are cold like Winter, especially when she shuts herself off from the world, Elsa is a warm individual, who like Sarah has written, embodies warmth and kindness. The whole shrine is a consistent presentation of how Sarah sees Elsa, and it made me look at Elsa in a new way.

Most interesting on the shrine, to me, are the Transformation and Lack of Romance sections. Transformation is filled with a ton of interesting tidbits from color analysis to an analysis of Elsa’s actions in her transformation sequence, to a defense of the transformation scene in general. Lack of Romance discusses how strong Elsa is as a Disney Princess (and Queen) without a love interest. Both are really interesting reads.

Warmth in Winter is a quick read, but a rewarding and fun one, making this site one that you will want to return to again and again. I hope you check it out whether you have seen Frozen or not. The sections About Frozen, Frozen Fever, and Meet Elsa (with Voice) introduce Elsa and Frozen very well, and the rest of the shrine is an absolute treat for the rest of us who have seen the film.