Summertime Sadness

DestinieTitle: Summertime Sadness
Subject: Hotarubi no Mori e
Owner: Megan of


Since summer is coming to a close here in the northern hemisphere, I wanted to take the opportunity to recommend Megan’s Summertime Sadness. This shrine is one of personal favorites to visit and reread and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

What makes this shrine amazing:

Summertime  Sadness is a short shrine for an anime short film entitled Hotarubi no Mori e (“Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light”) based on a one-shot manga. Megan briefly and clearly talks about the history of the film to give the reader a good grounding on the topic. She also talks fairly in depth about the two main characters of the film and provides us with neat tidbits and minor analysis (such as name meanings and personality highlights).

My favorite parts of the shrine are the Story and Opinions pages. In the Stotry, Megan takes us through a rich and detailed synopsis which makes me feel like I am actually watching the short film as I am reading it – it’s that extensive. Megan’s writing is also always clear and friendly which helps to really understand what she is writing about. Never once does it read as though she is talking down to you, rather, her pages always read as someone who is very excited to share something that they love. This is why I love the Opinions page. She talks about why this story is really so special to her and you can see that she is really invested due to its unorthodox ending for a shoujo story.

I can really feel the emotion that Megan is writing about, and what she feels herself, through the shrine. I love Summertime Sadness because it invokes these same feelings in me when I read it: the end of summer, the feelings of loss and grief, and yet the joy of knowing and loving someone close to you.  The site may be but a few pages but I think it has the ability to resonate with you after visiting.

In the spirit of Megan’s other shrines, Summertime Sadness houses a plethora of media and screencaps of the film. I especially appreciate the time she puts into creating 100×100 avatars and gathering screenshots for us to browse.

If you’re in the US and are celebrating Labor Day today, which marks the end of summer here, please take some time to visit Summertime Sadness I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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    Thank you so much for appreciating this tribute! When I first made it, I never thought it would gain any popularity. It really means a lot to me to hear that you enjoyed it and think it’s worthwhile! <3

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