Here is a list of all of the shrines we have featured here at The Amazing. They are listed under the person who recommended them in the order they were featured with newest at the top. Click the shrine titles to visit the shrines, or click Feature to read what we had to say about them.

All shrines featured receive a graphic award like the one to the left to show the world they are amazing, recommended shrines.

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Recommended By Destinie

  • Summertime Sadness by Megan – Hotarubi no Mori eFeature
  • Dornenkaefig by Lethe – Friederike of Ludwig Revolution  |  Feature

Recommended By Samantha

  • Telos by Tara – Minako of Persona 3 Portable  |  Feature
  • Brave Song by Aku – Ranka Lee of Macross Frontier  |  Feature

Recommended By Todd

  • Copy Cat by Denise – Mew and Mewtwo of Pokémon  |  Feature
  • Lux Perpetua by Robin – Dove of Hawk & Dove  |  Feature
  • Warmth in Winter by Sarah – Elsa of Frozen  |  Feature
  • Human Grace by Emma – Kain Highwind of Final Fantasy IV  |  Feature

Guest Recommendations

  • Pro-bender by Jae – Mako of Avatar: Legend of Korra  |  Feature (by Stefi)