DestinieTitle: Dornenkaefig
Subject: Friederike of Ludwig Revolution
Owner: Lethe of

Greetings! I am new to The Amazing and this is my first recommendation. I’m happy to share some of my favorite shrines with you! Without further ado I bring you Dornenkaefig by Lethe!

What makes this shrine amazing: Once upon a time…

Is how most fairy tales begin. Dornenkaefig is a shrine dedicated to the character Friederike (Idike) from Kaori Yuki’s Ludwig Revolution; a manga that retells classic Grimm Fairy Tales in a gothic fashion.

Lethe does an excellent job introducing the series and outlining the basics for any new reader. I was not at all familiar with the series but the extensive introduction really captured everything I needed to know, and more, as Lethe also recommends chapters for those who are new and interested in reading more.

The size of a shrine does not always equivalent to the quality. We learn that Idike is a somewhat minor character in the series, but overall impactful on the story, as Lethe walks us through her story, her motivation, her emotions, and her origins.  Dornenkaefig is beautifully composed in a way that is engaging to read and easy to grasp. Idike’s character is revealed as Lethe walks us through her motivations and relationship with Lui, the protagonist. Through Lethe’s writing I began to feel like I was actually reading the manga itself. It is also worth noting that Dornenkaefig’s design very much leads us through the site in a linear fashion, which aids the feeling of an overall narrative versus a traditional website.

My favorite pages are the symbolism within the story and the  comparison of the Grimm’s Fairy Tale. While I was reading through Dornenkaefig, I started to draw certain conclusions myself, so it was a fun experience reading through the associated symbolism and comparisons. (I kept thinking: “Yes, but, mention the dragon already!”) Lethe walks us through the Brother’s Grimm “Little Briar Wood” and Perrault’s “Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” in a side-by-side comparison that prepares you for Kaori Yuki’s retelling. I felt that was the perfect way to wrap up the shrine and tie all the themes together.

The way Lethe ties together a manga character and classic Fairy Tales seems to branch across interests, and makes this shrine one that I think would reveal more to the reader over each visit.

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  • says:

    I was so surprised to get a mail from Destinie, and it’s an honour to see one of my shrines as Destinie’s first recommendation here! <3 (Looking forward to future shrines you choose to highlight!)

    I'm even more surprised that it was this shrine in particular, since it's both on something obscure and one of my personal favourites – after having wanted to shrine Idike for over ten years! Thank you so much for giving this shrine a read even though you were not familiar with the material, and I'm particularly glad to hear that it was engaging and easy to follow. DRAGONS!

    Lots of love. <3

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