Brave Song

SamanthaTitle: Brave Song
Subject: Ranka Lee of Macross Frontier
Owner: Aku of

What makes this shrine amazing: When Todd and I decided that I should pick an anime shrine for my first feature, Brave Song was one of the first to come to my mind. I knew absolutely nothing about Macross Frontier before coming across this shrine a few years ago and left feeling like I had a good understanding of both Ranka’s character and her role/place in the series.

I have no doubt in my mind that Aku greatly appreciates Ranka’s character and has spent a lot of time considering the various parts of her character. Aku does a wonderful job of conveying factual information with an analytical spin—even the pages laying out important pieces of Ranka’s story are integrated with character analysis. It was very engaging to look at her story through Aku’s eyes rather than simply reading about what happened.

What I appreciated most about Brave Song, though, was that Aku presented Ranka in a way that looked at her character in the context of her environment, history, present events and those around her. Rather than looking at Ranka in isolation, the reader is informed about the inner workings of Ranka’s character in light of all of those things. Humans can’t exist in isolation and therefore I think this is a very important lens to take in character analysis. Aku certainly does a great job in doing so! Most notably, Aku discusses Ranka’s weaker character traits under a framework that considers Ranka’s past trauma, sheltered and protected environment and the simple fact that she is human. Further, Brave Song takes a growth, and strength-focused approach, so you are clearly able to see how much Ranka changes as the series progresses despite her initial drawbacks.

Aku ties together all of the pages on Brave Song with consistent mentioning of various themes of Ranka’s character: growing up, gaining independence, growing self-confidence and the strength to attain her dreams. Ranka’s relationships with others are presented in a way that helps the reader consider that character’s role in Ranka’s evolution—especially motivation gained out of her character’s contrast with Sheryl and growing relationship with Alto. I know I said it already, but Aku’s level of analysis and depth of thought is very apparent.

Brave Song is a shrine you should certainly visit, regardless of whether you are familiar with Macross Frontier or not (as I mentioned, I wasn’t). The quality of this shrine combined with the large gallery and Aku’s personal picks of Ranka’s songs really encouraged me to look into the series myself. I’m sure others will feel the same!

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  • Todd says:

    First of all, this shrine is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love Aku’s layouts. The amount of depth in the content is amazing, too. I haven’t watched Macross Frontier either, but Aku introduced the series and Ranka very well. I, too, love how Aku presented the character and series from her own perception, It gives the shrine a very unique, personal feel. Amazing recommendation, Samantha! (I will never get tired of that using that word!) Congrats, Aku!

  • Aku says:

    Firstly: congrats on the lovely shrine recommendation blog! Had no idea you guys were cooking this up: I’ve missed things like this in the community (because I used to find so many great shrines from them) and I’m super looking forward to what you guys have in store for it. <33

    Secondly: AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH I'm so embarrassed/flattered, Ranka's shrine has been around for awhile now, but I'm happy that it still holds up to today's standards haha. Reading your comments, I know my message got across and that you guys understand Ranka's character just from reading the shrine–and that warms my heart. ;u;

    Shrining is something I've been trying to get back into recently (been doing a lot of writing!) but as we all know it's a labor of love and sometimes it feels really demoralizing when you can't get to where you want with it–writing or design wise. ;__; So needless to say, even though I'm sure nobody knew what kind of monsters were going on in my head haha: this really cheered me up and motivated me! <3 Thank you so much Samantha, and best of luck with the blog to both you and Todd! I'll definitely be following your updates. X3

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