Shrines of the Month

Each month our community picks an outstanding Animanga and Non-Animanga shrine or fansite to promote for that month. These shrines are exceptional and stand out for a number of factors including but not limited to creativity, uniqueness, content, aesthetic appearance, and devotion. We're happy to list them here. As for previous winners, they are listed under here.

Member of the Month (2011/08)

This section is not so much an award as it is a thank you to those members who consistently go beyond. They take an active part in keeping the community alive by starting and participating in discussions, giving feedback on members' shrines, making new posts, suggesting improvements or features that can make the community better, volunteering (for things like this directory, or even running layout marathons), nominating shrines of the month every month, and so much more. We seriously could not run this community alone, and so many of you help so much. We just want to say thanks. The community would not be the same without you. (We actually choose a new member to highlight every two months, so the name is a little misleading.)

Amy Marie of (alexielnet on Livejournal)
Todd: Amy Marie is a member that has stood out for me since the beginning here at Amassment. She is a great example of a member who is not super vocal, but whose activity we really do appreciate and notice. She is busy and has less time to participate at the community than some of our members, but she always makes a point to participate when she can, and she is one of the reasons our events are so successful. It's been fun watching her collective really grow with each new shrine-making event we host at Amassment, and she always submits a quality site. I think there's just been one or two shrine-making events that Amy Marie hasn't participated in. She has also submitted her own ideas for marathons. Amy Marie has been super supportive of this community and our members since we started. All one needs to do to see that is check out her sites; Amassment is linked on almost all of them. Amy Marie is often there to offer support or congratulations to members who deserve it. Now is her turn for congratulations. Thanks for everything you do Amy Marie!

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