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Below is a list of shrines and fansites made by members of . They are listed by series in alphabetical order (in case of band/group and members, it will be listed under just Musicians). The series names will be shortened to the most commonly recognized version. Want to submit to the directory? Make sure you the fill out our form here.

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1/2 Prince

➘ Second Life (General series by Icera)

Ace Attorney

➘ Bittersweet Love (Diego Armando & Mia Fey by Larissa)
➘ Equilibrium (Ema Skye by Selena)
➘ Faith&Chance (Miles Edgeworth by Selena)
➘ Nous (Mia Fey by Daphne)
➘ Radiance (Trucy Wright by Selena)
➘ Separate Ways (Miles Edgeworth by Varen)


➘ Woman of Valor (Kamio Haruko by Juhi)

Ah! My Goddess

➘ Embittered (Morgan Le Fey by Skylark)

Ao no Exorcist

➘ Uprising (Okumura Rin by Kibumie)

Avalon Code

➘ Asunder (Ur by Destinie)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

➘ Eclipse (Zuko & Katara by Daphne)
➘ Painted Love (Sokka & Suki by Amy Marie)

Axis Powers Hetalia

➘ World's Hero (America by Jessica)


➘ Gun's and Roses (General series by Janice)
➘ Silence & Motion (Claire & Chane by Janice)

Battlestar Galactica

Forget Me Not (Kara Thrace by Todd)
Silent Lucidity (Boomer/Athena by Todd)

Blank Slate

➘ Uncontrol (Zen by Larissa)


➘ Bold&Delicious (Litchi Faye Ling by Varen)


➘ 4th Espada (Ulquiorra Schiffer by Camille)
➘ Black Sun, White Moon (Ichigo & Rukia by Dragoneyes)
➘ Captain of Division Awesome (Kurosaki Isshin by Emma)
➘ fleur de glace (Hitsugaya & Hinamori by Janice)
➘ Inconsistency (Ichimaru Gin by Jae)
➘ Smoke & Mirror (Aizen Sousuke by Michelle)
➘ Venus in the Dark (Matsumoto Rangiku by Janice)

Cardcaptor Sakura

➘ Happiness Is (Daidouji Tomoyo by Kibou)


➘ Broken Melody (Oruha by Skylark)
Experience Pearls (General series by Amy Marie)

Code Geass

Nostalgia (Lelouch Lamperouge & Kururugi Suzaku by Chiqui)
➘ Prodigium (Lelouch Lamperouge by Masao)
➘ Red Lotus (Kallen Kouzuki by Anise)

Cowboy Bebop

➘ Space Lion (Gren by Barbara)


➘ Eroica (Allen Walker by Janice)
➘ Noir et Blanc (Allen Walker by Mitchii)
➘ Painted Love (Allen Walker & Lenalee Lee by Mitchii)
➘ Raison d'Etre (Allen Walker & Lenalee Lee by Ren)
➘ Skydancer (Lenalee Lee by Ren)

Death Note

➘ Ab Intra (Yagami Light by Sophia)
➘ Artificial Sweetener (Amane Misa by Amy Marie)
➘ Kiss or Kill (Amane Misa by Samantha)


➘ Blush (Takenouchi Sora by Josephine)
➘ Lunar (Minamoto Kouji by Josephine)


Oh So Modern Jezebel (Kitajima Yuuri by Shiori)


➘ Retribution (Vegeta by Tamisa)


➘ Brothers in Arms (Folken & Van by Amy Marie)


➘ Adieu (Nagisa Kaworu by Masao)
➘ Blue Girl (Ayanami Rei by Amy Marie)
➘ Revenant (Ayanami Rei by Masao)

Eyeshield 21

➘ Devil Conqueror (Hiruma Youichi by Dragoneyes)

Fate/stay night

➘ Audeamus (Tohsaka Rin by Juhi)
➘ hate blows a bubble of despair into (Fate/Zero by Christy)
➘ Gladiolus (Saber by Juhi)

Final Fantasy: Dissidia

➘ Shape the Future (General series by Larissa)

Final Fantasy IV

➘ Amends (Kain Highwind by Alex)
➘ Human Grace (Kain Highwind by Emma)
➘ Lightbringer (Cecil Harvey by Alex)
Purity (Rosa Farrell by Bobbi)

Final Fantasy VI

➘ Last Ray of Hope (Terra Branford by Medli)
➘ Light of Judgment (Kefka Palazzo by Larissa)
Renaissance (Locke Cole by Alex)
➘ Stalwart (Cyan Garamonde by Karen)
➘ Trust Your Heart (Terra Branford by Aeryvae)
Somewhere Only We Know (Sabin by Todd)

Final Fantasy VII

➘ All Creation (Yuffie Kisaragi by Ava)
➘ Cryptic Puppet (Cait Sith & Reeve Tuesti by Aeryvae)
➘ Dedication (Shera by Mikari)
➘ Fall of the Sky (Zack Fair by Anise)
➘ Libertine (Reno by Alex)
➘ Loveless (Genesis Rhapsodos by Larissa)
➘ Reno Pixels (Reno by Mikari)
➘ Within Reach (Cloud & Tifa by Medli)

Final Fantasy VIII

➘ Antihero (Squall Leonhart by Stefi)
➘ Problematic (Seifer Almasy by Tamisa)
➘ Save the Queen (Quistis Trepe by Tamisa)
➘ Shift (Squall Leonhart by Aeryvae)
➘ Tides of Fate (Irvine Kinneas by Jae)
➘ Vanishing Star (Rinoa Heartilly by Ava)
➘ Veracity (Laguna Loire by Alex)

Final Fantasy IX

➘ Archimage (Vivi Orunitia by Aeryvae)
➘ Feather (Kuja by Jae)
➘ Lilac (Garnet by Janice)

Final Fantasy X/X-2

➘ 1000 Words (Lenne by Ava)
➘ A Fading Dream (Tidus & Yuna by Medli)
➘ Imperato (Gippal by Tamisa)
➘ Ligne De Vie (Tidus by Aranie)
➘ Pearl (Lenne by Janice)
Poltergeist (Tidus by Todd)
➘ Will (Yuna by Chrissy)

Final Fantasy XII

➘ Aurora (Ashe B'nargin Dalmasca by Michelle)
➘ Boundless (Balthier Bunansa by Stefi)

Final Fantasy XIII

Catalyst (Serah Farron by Kersheys)
➘ Roses Have Thorns (Lightning by Ava)
➘ Tear Down the Sky (Oerba Yun Fang by Michelle)

Fire Emblem

➘ Chikara (Ike by Crystal)
➘ Imperial (Sanaki by Samantha)
➘ Soul Survivor (Lyndis by Crystal)

Fruits Basket

➘ Blood and Bones (Akito Momiji by Tess)
➘ Cheerful Sensibility (Sohma Momiji by Elysa)

Fullmetal Alchemist

➘ A Day Without Rain (Riza Hawkeye by Minnie)
➘ Family Man (Maes Hughes by Barbara)
➘ Fullmetal (Edward Elric Kibumie)
➘ Il ne pleut pas (Maes Hughes by Li)
➘ Lux Perpetua (Riza Hawkeye by Estefania)
➘ Touchstone (Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye by Estefania)

Full Moon wo Sagashite

➘ Lost Lenore (Izumi Rio by Minnie)

Fushigi Yuugi

➘ Foxy (Chichiri by Amy Marie)
➘ Hands (Mitsukake by Amy Marie)
➘ Red Warrior (Tamahome by Kibumie)

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

➘ Prince (Uruki by Lorelei)

Fushigiboshi no Futagohime

➘ Princess Party (General series by Josephine and Juhi)


➘ The Raven (Isayama Yomi by Samantha)

Gagharv Trilogy

➘ Symphony Gagharv Trilogy (Series music by Neliel)

Gossip Girl

➘ Butterflies (Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf by Tamisa)

Guilty Gear

➘ Heaven's Not Enough (Ky Kiske by Varen)

Gundam 00

➘ Desolate Skies (Lockon Stratos by Masao)
➘ Duologue (Allelujah Haptism by Daphne)
➘ Dissonance (Allelujah Haptism by Masao)
➘ Skyward (Lockon Stratos by Shinju)

Gundam SEED

➘ Casualties of War (General series by Masao)
➘ Daybreak (Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yula Athha by Chrizta)
➘ Freedom x Justice (Athrun Zala & Kira Yamato by Chiqui)
➘ Pieces of a Dream (Athrun Zala & Kira Yamato by Masao)
Radiance (Kira Yamato by Alison)
Wonderwall (Athrun Zala by Chrizta)

Gundam Wing

➘ Empathie (Quatre Raberba Winner by Yamila)
➘ Glass Martyr (Relena Peacecraft by Jessica)

Harry Potter

➘ Heart of Uncertainty (Severus Snape by Aeryvae)
➘ Heir of Slytherin (Tom Marvolo Riddle by Victoria)


➘ Hold Fast (Duncan MacLeod by Karen)

Hot Gimmick

➘ Sacrificial Lamb (Narita Shingu by Marie)