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Although linking this directory is not required to have your sites listed, feel free to link one of these on your index, links, or joined pages on your collective or any of your shrines to help promote the community and other members. If we could give you cookies, we would. Just save any image you use to your own server (please do not direct link any of the images) and link to either http://amassment.dragonzord.net or http://community.livejournal.com/amassment

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If you create a new shrine (yay!) or run across a shrine we overlooked, go ahead and send it to us here. We'll likely add the shrine after discovering it ourselves, but we will always appreciate the help. Please fill in everything. If you are updating an existing site listed here, just fill in the new info, but tell us what has changed in the comment box, such as the old url if needed. Just remember apply, anyone can submit shrines to the directory, but only those owned by active members will be listed here.

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Help Wanted

1) Members who nominate sites for our shrines of the month pretty regularly can now sign up to choose a winner for either category, and even more than once. For more information check . If this is something you might be interested in, contact .

2) If you have an idea for a future shrine/layout marathon, we'd love to hear it. If we like it and think enough members will be interested, we'll let you manage it. Just run it by first.

You can reach any of the mods at the or at our respective domains.